Fishing with live Sandeels Onboard charter boat Peace and Plenty III out of Weymouth

When I’m filming on the boats it allows me to standback and see how others fish and it amazes me at times say no more !! However watching anglers use live sandeels I’ve seen them hooked through their backs, tails, eyes what good is that they can’t see were they’re going after that !!! and probably the worst is through both lips which effectively stops the eel from breathing so will die quickly and the angler would have done just as well with a frozen eel. The aim is to keep the eel alive and kicking as long as possible so being more attractive for a take. This short video will show how the Pro Bassmen do it and there are examples of a couple of rigs which are the most popular. Peace and Plenty skipper Jamie Pullin shows you how to hook up the eels in the most effective way without killing it off.

Wreck fishing for Cod out of Weymouth onboard Katie Ann charter boat

Wrecking out of Weymouth yesterday was one of the best trips I’ve had for a while with plenty of prime Cod caught by all sizes approx. 8-14lb nothing big but there was plenty of fish and all from one wreck. Looks like a surge over the last few weeks of Cod passing through and massing on the right wrecks and we found them. Couple of lulls as tides changed and they came on the feed but generally steady fishing all day until time called and we headed back with a stopover on a Bass mark to see if we could find a legal size fish each to add to our collection. New lures tried and tested A Result there too but what I will say the wreck we fished was gear hungry with many anglers including me losing quite a bit of gear but with the fish staying close to the wreck it had to be done to get to them.. Weather a tad chilly for July and winds easing through the day early afternoon the sun came out and finished off a great day with a good crew all happy to take home fish for the freezer and the chap next to me second trip out on hire tackle got into a nice Pollock so he was made up too. All the catch expertly filleted by crewman Rik Gold who also performed a fillet on the smallest pout you have seen could have been a brain surgeon in a previous life !! HaHa. Not many images too busy catching but you will get the gist. Weymouth Rocks Again let’s hope the next one on Monday 11th is as productive.

Weymouth Cod fishing out on the mid channel wrecks

What an amazing day, good weather, great crew and tremendous fishing fast and furious after a slow and frustrating start. Early departure which meant we arrived on the first mark a tad too early as the tide was dwindling and it wouldn’t pick up again until around 10-30 so apart from half a dozen nice size Cod taken little action was accouring much to the frustration of the skipper. We gave it best and a move to another wreck was actioned. On arrival first drop we were all into fish, nice prime Cod and couple of respectable size Pollock and that continued until the tide started to die away again and the pouting made a nuisance of themselves and catching them screwed up the drift for many of us. But by now we all had enough fish for the freezers and we headed home at approx 1400hrs and as the skippers attitude is don’t rape the wrecks only take what you need so the wreck can fish another day and we all agreed to that. Softatil Flexishads did the business and others tried especially UV Orange Turbo Fish large I hooked into some nice Cod and also induced and dropped a good number of half decent takes. So another Result and Weymouth Rocks Again !! Not taken loads of happy snaps but I managed a couple with the help of The Rickster (aka I’m not David Bailey) nice one Bud !

Bass fishing in Dorset using lures

Out fishing some inshore wrecks recently we found a good number of Bass and despite the current ban they were caught weighed and safely returned. We didn’t set out to target Bass but it’s hard to tell them to leave your lures alone. However it did give me the opportunity to see how some of my new lures worked and I took a good number of Bass along with average sized Pollock and using light gear it was good sport and some nice catch images taken. I personally enjoy sport fishing and catch and return in areas were fish will go back and live to fight another day it doesn’t bother me infact it’s quite rewarding to see the fish take off like a torpedo and join the shoal to grow bigger. All the kit used and the lures all in my new X2 silicone rubber at various degrees of softness proved themselves so they have now caught well across the range of Cod, Pollock, Coalfish and now Bass plus I also had Halibut out in Norway on them so pleased with the results. Here are some of the images of the Bass taken as a Bi Catch out wrecking.

All the lures I make and stock are featured and available HERE

Multiplier reels for light boat fishing out on the Weymouth wrecks

More reels to test out and will be used for wrecking tomorrow fished on my light rods. 3 reels, two a matched pair left and right hand and one that is available right hand only. I stripped them down to view quality of construction and parts used and both are what would be expected for price and all metal construction with one nylon cog for the rachet on the matched pair. Good speed 5:2:1 with 6+1 bearings and capacity for low diameter braid is ample for 60+m depths. Operation is smooth and quiet with good line lay, star drag around 9lbs again for B.S. braid used plenty powerful enough. Freespool control and breaking to be honest I don’t use that as the reels are for boat fishing so it just has to spool on the drop thumb controlled and that is about as basic the reels need to be. Suppliers offer good support so all looking good just now have to go out and see if I can break them !

Bream fishing from Weymouth on Wild Frontier II

Disapointment that turned to elation out on Wild Frontier II from Weymouth skippered by Clem Carter. The trip plan was mid channel wrecking to find some early Cod but it was changed to inshore for the Bream, a good call for us in the end and reason was the May bloom that so colours the water it was totally un-economical to venture out mid channel for possibly only a few to no fish at all. Day started wet with rain which soon cleared and the sun shone for us, another bonus was we arrived at the mark far quicker than steaming out miles to the wrecks so more fishing time. Bream started to show which were good sized 3 – 4lbs and during the day plenty were taken with undersized returned to fight another day. Fishing at anchor bores the Ass off me to be honest which is why I very rarely do it I much prefer drift fishing keeps me more occupied BUT!! yesterday my boredom turned to excitement when I got into what turned out to be a really well marked Undulate Ray and of good size on my really light spinning kit set up for Breaming. Skipper Clem Carter had just come up front were I was fishing to let out more anchor rope and the Ray took off fortunately the tide had eased right off so it was tackle versus fish without adding in tidal flow to allow the fish to kite. With great weather and good fishing plus meeting some of the anglers from my FB friends for the first time it turned out to be a really great day and Weymouth Rocks !! Again, never get bored saying that. Here are some images of the Bream taken and my Undulate of course, even the skipper got in on the act enjoying a spot of fishing in between his other duties looking after the anglers and why not.

Fishing Norway for large Cod, Halibut and Coalfish

Updated my Norway gallery page with all the latest images of some of the cracking fish taken on my lures this year so far and some from previous years plus a couple of video links added. Thanks to Paul Stevens and his merry men for their efforts:

Turbo Super Eel soft lures for Cod Pollock Coalfish Haddock Bass

Looks like another testing trip is coming on see how the Pollock and Cod take to these Turbo Super Eels. New larger size based on my Turbo Eels and I’ve made this one with a shovel tail so it adds more weight to drive the eel plus the body shape has been ammended slightly so the eel can be cut down and the turbo jighead can be repositioned, or if the X2 tears around the hook exit the lure can be easily reduced in size to carry on catching. Made in X2 Silicone so it’s pretty tough anyways and has more than proven itself out in Norway this year taking all sizes of Cod up to 64lb so I know it’s durable and flexible for kick ass action. DIY moulds will be added once final testing has taken place and the colours shown are top catching plus the GITD/UV colours will also be available in due course. Finshed lures with the turbo head or bodies only if you make your own jigheads, I’ve opted for Eagleclaw 570HBP lazer sharp hooks and the 4/0 13g turbo head works well if you want to cut the eel down in size and weight so all options covered, a catch all jobbie infact !!

Turbo Tail Ells have new upgrade option in weighted tail

New addition to my Turbo Tail Eels I’ve added a weighted Bobbletail to impart more vibes from the rippling curltail for added attraction if the water is a tad coloured. Jighead and body system so easy to replace tails or change options from the plain tail to the weighted, weight is created by the additional X2 silicone rubber so all in one moulded. Plenty of colour options plus bags of mixed bodies will be available so if one colour isn’t turning the fish on just swap to another, two sizes and similar two jighead/hook sizes and weights so plenty of options to play with. Curltails have fished well for Cod and Pollock so this addition should prove a useful option. Image shows my 20g and 13g heads there is also a 33g head available, bodies are apporox. 8g and 12g for the weight conscious.

Two hook Portland Plaice spreader rigs

DEAD … DECEASED… R.I.P…. is No More !!! my straight beaded two hook spreaders have been buried and won’t be resurected. Reason is the design is dependent on the beads being tight to locate the weight clip as central as possible so there is no natural movement of the beads to add the attraction to turn the Plaice on. My split level version overcomes this in the design being effectively two seperate booms with their own independant movement of the beads and discs if required so they can float naturally along the arm adding a more natural movement. The intricate wire bending locates the weight clip in it’s own right centrally and with the booms being shorter but the same width if that makes sense the rig is stiffer and with the heat shrink over the end windings is a lot more braid friendly. Been around for a couple of years now and have fished well so production of these with plenty of bead colour choices and with or without discs is well under way ready for hopefully a good Plaice season this year. Quick link to my Plaice rigs: