Bad boys on Eddystone Eels

The boys at Eddystone eels sent over some images of real exotic bad boys caught in various areas of the world and some cod and coal-fish caught in British waters on their Eddystone Eels. Enjoy these images and I will be posting very soon on the launch of our ready to fish out of the bag Eddystone range with video detailing the products and early next year their new design of eel for bass.

The first image amuses me it reminds me of the days fishing out of a 12ft clinker built rowing boat with a Seagull engine on it and launching into the open sea from the beach at Reculver in Kent. But when on the occasions we returned from fishing a few hundred yards off the beach with boxes full of school bass and coddling they where great days.

Click the thumbs to enlarge:

The new range of Eddystone Eels and Red Gills

Haven’t had much time to post here as the new range of Eddystone eels, Red gills and Portland eels are now all here and the photo/video work is in progress. We are going to be launching a full range of ready to fish out of the bag solutions to those overcrowded tackle boxes, bulky blister packets of softbaits and rigs that will get you fishing in minutes.

Biggest reason for this is for our own fishing buddies they have kept onto me for some time to come up with a solution to filling a tackle baox with bulk amounts of tackle that in many cases detoriate before use and ends up being ditched or replaced prematurely with guesss what ?? more bulk buys.

So I looked at how I like to fish and that is carry just what I need for that days fishing and a little in reserve if there is a change of plan during the day out on the boat. So watch this space filming is nearly completed and once edited you will see what I have come up with.

Another wrecked trip today

Another lost trip today due to high winds, a full charter too that we had booked for a few months so the crew are all gutted and I had planned to test out a load of new lures to see how they perform, so back to the diary and see what’s about for next trip.

Problem is many of our crew take a lot to organise time away from their business’s so bringing them all back for another date is an issue so looks like it may be over the christmas break for our next attempt.

So I ended up working today but it was useful as I got a lot of the new Portland Eels and Red Gills photographed and the new product video’s started so at least the day was not totally lost.

Red Gill lures catch images

Here are some very happy chappies showing off their catches taken with lures from the Red Gill range. Hope to have some of ours up soon and video too once the stock arrives and we can get out on the boats.

Click the image to enlarge, they’re only thumb size but will give you a good idea of how successful the lures are. Imgages are copright Red Gill lures.

Red Gill lures in action

Red Gill range coming soon

I am about to increase our range of softbait lures with the addition of the Red Gill range which are ideally suitable for the Bass, Cod and Pollack bashers amongst us. Used them often so makes sense to add stock in the shop. We should have some of their range in by middle of next week with some good deals on offer. Here is a useful knot off their website if you don’t already use it “The Rapala Lure Knot” which gives the lure more freedom of movement. Click image to enlarge.

How to tie the Rapala lure knot


Cod fishing on the Rocket out of Poole Dorset

The cod are in WaHey !!! Trevor Small the skipper of the Rocket one of the larger charter boats out of Poole Dorset has sent me some pictures of recent cod catches so they are starting to show in that area. I have fished many times with Trevor and it’s a good fun day with a skipper that will do his best to get you on the fish. Plus he runs diving trips so if you can’t catch them go down on them and see what you’re missing !!

More to come from the Rocket as I feel some good cod vibrations coming on.

BOOK TREVOR HERE VIA HIS WEB SITE images click to enlarge

Fishing for Cod on the Rocket out of Poole Dorset

Fishing for Cod on the Rocket out of Poole Dorset

Fishing for Cod on the Rocket out of Poole Dorset


Vacuum packing your fish

The new pouches for vacuum packing fish for the table or bait are here and they’re pukka. Available in three sizes and can get other sizes to order (allow about 7/10 days for specials) the pouches conform to all the food packaging regualtions and are suitable for the external domestic style vacuum machines. If you have a cabinet style packer then mail me and can get you fixed up with a good deal on pouches suitable for them too.

They are for sale now so mail me for costs and and delivery and there will be a link up to buy them in the tackle store in a few days, PayPal accepted.

Stocked sizes are:
150×300 (small joey mackeral size x 2 in a bag)
200×300 (fish fillets and small plaice dabs etc).
160×450 (large mackeral size x 2 in a bag)

Minimum order 30 bags to unlimited just let me know your needs and here are some pictures to look at them in use. The video will be ready soon as I have edited on how to vac pack or see the one I added in previous post. Don’t forget these pouches are suitable for a variety of foods not just fish, I use them for sliced meats, nuts, veg, waterproofing items that are delicate and likely to get wet and damaged, there are plenty of uses for these bags and they can be washed and re-used.

160×450 size ready to accept two large mackerel ready to freeze down for the table

160x450 vacuum bag size will take two fish

150×300 size will take two small joey mackerel size bait fish

Two fish ready to vac pack

Two sizes of Mackerel vacuum packed one bait the small joey size and one for the table

Two sizes of mackerel packaged

 200×300 size suitable for fish fillets portioned sizes ready to cook and eatSuitable size vacuum pouch for fish fillets

Ice your fish keep it fresh

Here is a quicky tip, don’t buy expensive Ice Blocks just get old plastic drinks bottles or milk bottles and fill it with water, put it in your freezer the night before and hey presto you can keep your catch on ice until you get home if the boat skipper hasn’t got ice boxes. Also great on the piers or beach just buy a cooler bag off Ebay and there you go.

Use plastic bottles for cheap ice blocks

World wide tackle shipping

My tackle store attracts sales from all over the world, don’t know why really as I don’t target any areas other than the UK and if I get orders from Ireland they are subject to seperate shipping costs due to vayring courier firms costs.

As much as I would like world wide sales and satisfy them the same speed as I do for UK orders I don’t have control over the shipping costs. Recently had an order placed for southern Ireland and the UK shipping cost was £4.75 but to courier it to southern Ireland it was £22.50p,a lot more than what the item actually cost. Difficult one as any business hates turning orders away but it’s just not cost effective for us or the customer.

Just added shipping update info to the main page of the Tackle Store with details of orders outside of the UK mainland. Customers are also invited to contact us for sales support and shipping information at any time.

Wrecking trips a go go for Sat 5th Nov 2011

Skipper has called to confirm we have a trip on and weather although it may blow up mid afternoon we should be on the wrecks for well over half the trip time. Good thing is I have a friend with me so with all the perks, big heads, bullet heads, rattling shads and everything else there is no way I could carry this lot. Its 2230 hrs here and I am away at 0425 so not much of a post and will give a longer one Sunday and should have some video ! of fish hopefully.