Turbot British record nearly smashed

Out Turbot fishing last week on the banks from Weymouth and I wasn’t lucky enough to hit the big ones but heyho I am still dribbling over the large one I caught last year so any new catches are a bonus for me.

There was a lad on the boat who had traveled down from Manchester (5hrs driving) to fish on the Katie Ann out of Weymouth. Take into account he has fished for many years and never caught a flatty let alone specimen Turbot like he landed on that day.

Taken on large live Launce and smaller sand eels you can see the action on the video which luckily I had taken the camera with me to try and get some Turbot stock footage for projects and my blog of course so I can share it.

I get as much pleasure seeing others catch fish as well as I do when I get into them, so you will see this trip was very pleasurable for a couple of anglers and one other was a little pissed off as he has fished for many, many years and never caught a Turbot so all the Beeps on the video are to take out his frustrations as the catcher was stood next him too !! Great day good crew and some class fish plus the sun shone all day, you can’t ask for much better can you.

Just a week before our trip the British record was nearly broken with a 30lb plus Turbot taken on the same banks drifting with fish baits and live eels so Weymouth is producing some good catches and especially Paul Davies the skipper/owner of the Katie Ann.

Wrecking in the English channel

Well have I been a busy boy just no time to update my blog on the regular basis as normal but wait until you see what’s coming as the camera has been rolling and lots of interesting fishing trips and tackle video’s going live.

Take this trip what a magnificent day this was and the crew were just magic with lots of action and good banter, don’t you just love a joker that can take the piss !! well we had all of that and more on the boat that day plus some great fish too.

There were lads from London who had travelled down the night before so they could have a few beers and carry that on during the day, mind you they needed some Dutch Courage to even get on the boat with the bag they had carried their beers in !

I had fished with them last year and we were into the cod me and Andy my son and they didn’t catch anything but that changed on this trip and everyone went home with some quality sized Pollock.

Add in the weather was superb loads of sunshine, light winds and it was still only early in the year in March so this video will show you what we all enjoyed.

Red Gill latest designs available soon

Following my visit to the Red Gill HQ and pickup a new order of the very popular Bubblegum and Silver pearl 178mm originals I was given a whistle-stop tour of the factory, production, spraying and packaging area’s and it was very impressive.

I saw a whole host of new product ranges and lure designs plus the new Mega Vibe swimbaits plus the twin tail turbo cod lures. The mega vibes not only are they super flexible, there is a rattle in the tail and from what I understand will lay down a scent to attract more fish.

Only had chance to take some images so far and there is the usual promo video to be shot soon and you will hopefully see them in action too. Due in during April 2012 so just in time for the cod and pollock on the wrecks and bassing too. Here are some images for a sneak peek.

Red Gills rule the waves again

Well what can I say on what was virtually a text book days wreck fishing and a big kick in the ass for the last No Score trip. Weather firstly was dreadful and nothing like forecast, we had cold winds in out faces, bumpy large sea swells and mist virtually all day. With the seas being so lumpy it took longer to get to the wreck that Paul on the Katie Ann out of Weymouth had decided would produce a good volume of fish.

His boat has 4 large Ice boxes and it was agreed that once they were filled we would leave the wreck and move to the banks for a hit of Turbot or plaice. Problem with Pollock and many deepwater fish they do not survive once landed so they can’t be returned live. Most skippers and anglers insist that a catch enough rule is applied and then move on or come home and despite I have all my family and some friends who love fresh fish from me there is a cut off point.

So we arrived on the wreck and the first drift was setup, there were fresh live sandeels on the boat and I setup a 10″ plastic sea boom with a 10oz weight and a 5/0 fine wire aberdeen hook on a 10ft trace. There were 9 fishing and with wind against tide the traces would probably have to be shortened to reduce tangles as the boat spun round like a top on some drifts.

1st drift produced a few average pollock all I had were snatches that took the eel off. 2nd drift I hit on a small pollock about 5lb and as most of the larger pollock coming on board were being taken on artificials, I had a better fish of around 7lb on live eels but I changed to 178mm Red Gill original with a 6/0 hook on a short 6ft trace for the third drift.

Bang ! just coming of the back of the wreck I felt two snatches and then the rod my new Akita 20lb class 7ft just bent over as the fish dived for the wreck. I also had a new Spyder LW20 with 44lb braid on and the click stop star drag worked superb giving the fish line when it decided to dive.

I pumped it up from 200ft and new it felt decent and it was, a top end single figure fish was soon on the deck, see the image with the black and orange Red Gill well hooked in the scissors. This is how it continued until we decided we all had enough fish and it was time to move on. Over fishing a wreck depletes stocks that take a long time to grow again so this has to be taken into account.

What was also good about this wrecking session for me anyways I lost NO GEAR !! I used the same articial throught the drifts and apart from one snag which broke the sea boom that was all it cost me, does it get much better than that.

Skipper asked why I strike at the fish well that is what it looked like but in fact what I do when I wreck is hit bottom or the wreck and then immediately pull up to clear the wreck and then start the wind up but it does look like I’m striking into the fish which is obviously a No No !. Using this method reduces my snags on the wreck to a minimum and it works well.

So with the ice boxes full we set off back to fish the shambles bank and see if the Turbot wanted some. I set up a sliding ledger rig with a 6oz clock weight and a single 6/0 wire hook baited with the side of a large Launce. First drift nothing, second drift had a couple of nibbles and I gave it line to see if it developed into a Turbot but as I thought nothing.

On Turbot drifting I always hold the rod as bites can be easily missed if you don’t, the drift finished and I wound back and low and behold a small Plaice on the end. Too skinny to keep it went back to fatten up for my next session which is planned for the 25th March and we will fish the banks all day so looking forward to that one as usual.

Wrecking game on and a wow weather forecast

Up at 0300hrs and on the road at 0400 for a days wrecking out of Weymouth and am I looking forward to this one. Mind you combining business with pleasure and calling in to see the guys at Red Gill to pick up some stock and samples of their new Mega Vibes and Twin tails. The new lures due in the country in April 2012 so hopefully I will have tested them out before then and images available soon, I understand the twin tails the Cod go ballistic for.

Fishing withdrawal symptons

Having spent some time this year on the boats filming I haven’t had much chance to get out and do a bit myself and with new kit still waiting to be christened ready to review that hopefully will be addressed this week.

The weather forecast is best yet so either wrecking or bashing the Turbot is on the cards so watch this space, no video but some good catch pics I hope as I will have the stills camera with me.

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Deepsea.co.uk everything fishy about this place

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Many skippers have their boats and available places for sea fishing trips logged onto this web site and there is full search functionality so you can track down a seat on a boat near to you. Been going a long time and it is rumoured a whole new site is about to launch to make being part of it even more enjoyable.

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Red Gills in action time to order them now

With the Pollock season well under way and good catches being made Red Gills are a popular choice so take a look at them in use and more details of designs available. We supply them single, in packets with or without the trace.

Ready to fish out of the bag can be a big bonus if you’re wreck fishing or fishing fast drifts as they allow you to re-rig fast and not miss being in the water as often as possible. I always have a bucket of lures rigged ready to fish so when I catch the wrecks or a snaggy bottom and lose a rig I am ready to go at the start of the next drift.

Play the video and see the range of the most popular colours in the Red Gill series.
The movie has settings up to 1080p HD full screen for more detail.