Union Jack lures plus many other colours available

What better way to launch a new range of British Lures than in the union colours. Busy week with new tooling, new formula silicone with 10% more flexibility built in but same tear strength of Shore 15, plus three colour injection. I did these as a bit of fun and to play with my new toys so now got to get this colour range in the briny to see if the Bass, Cod and Pollock are as patriotic !!

Thanks to Chris Caines skipper of Tiger Lily plus Aaron and the two crews COGS and Ian’s lads who took part in early trials that proved the way forward for the new tooling and patterns. Full colour range up soon.

32lb Norway Cod taken on one of my new Eco Lures

Not only do I tell you my new lures Will Catch You Fish I can back this up with the many videos that are being shot, so you can see them in action and that the images or video are true and not just posed with a lure hung from the fishes mouth !!!

4 lads took a range of my lures to Norway and had a day on the Cod with many taken uing various patterns of my new designs plus they tried my fishy lure rubs which gave them the edge on the fish too.

Video was shot on the GoPro cam so sound is muffled and a bit distorted but still very watchable.

Cod, Pollock and Plaice on board the Tiger Lily Weymouth.

Another very productive trip and I even managed to fish and film supported by skipper Chris Caines. Tested new lures too and enjoyed a good catch of Cod and Pollock with many kilo’s of filleted fish for the freezer.

Play this video and you will see how well the day worked and the great weather out in the English channel. End of day finished off with hitting on some good plaice, I didn’t fish as I wanted to get some good footage of plaice rigs and baits in action which you will see towards the end of the movie.