On board The Skerry Belle out of Ramsgate Kent UK

First video on fishing from Ramsgate Marina Kent is now live so if want some sport with the Bass, Cod, Rays and many other species on offer then check it out. The movie features what the area offers to anglers and Roger Lennon ‘s boat On the Skerry Belle Charter Boat it also highlights some tuition for beginners on downtide rigs and if you fancy trying uptiding then some expert tuition with John Barnes plus you can see a slide show of some recent catches. Fishing with Roger won’t break the bank either and if you haven’t got tackle than just bring yourself and some food and the rods, tackle and support is on hand for you. Seabooms.com Recommends as it says on the video.

Boat Fishing from Ramsgate Kent on the Skerry Belle

Back to my roots !! I grew up fishing the Kent coast from digging bait at Seasalter to fishing all the coastline to Dungeness and occasionaly enjoying the odd boat fishing trips from launching off the beach at Reculver and Deal to boats out of Folkestone. The fishing was incredable with Bass, Cod, Whiting, Tope and hounds and Plaice, we only took home what we could eat in a couple of days as there were no fridges and freezers them days so overcatching wasn’t viable and most fish went back with some for friend and relatives. Then came the winter of 1962/63 which lasted just over two months and the sea froze for a couple of miles out off areas like Herne Bay and as far round the coast as Ramsgate and cold water as you went futher round the coast. That winter killed the bait digging and the fishing for quite a few years and by the time it started to return I had married and moved to Berkshire so well in land and with a young family not much time for traveling to sea ports for fishing. My recent trip out with Roger Lennon from Ramsagate re-kindled some good memories of fishing the area again and noticibly despite the 30 knot warm wind how relatively calm the waters were from what I am used to deep water fishing off Weymouth my main venue. On the Skerry Belle Charter Boat a traditional style boat took me and the crew to marks I had fished near some 50 years back and although no stonkers we had a good day with smaller fish taken, Bass, Codling, Whiting and Dogs so I wasn’t bored at all. Here are some images of what the winter of 62/63 was like and some recent catch images of what the fishing is like now courtesy of Roger. Am I pleased to be back fishing my old grounds Too Right I am it doesn’t get much better than this !!!

Uptide fishing at Ramsgate Kent on board the Skerry Belle

Well worth the trip to Ramsgate Kent to meet up and fish with some new buddies and first time out with skipper Roger Lennon aboard his boat On the Skerry Belle Charter Boat weather looked doubtful with rain quite early and my plan was to shoot video about the boat and what the area offers plus techniques for up and downtide fishing out of Ramsgate and get a spot of fishing in too. The day turned out to plan with the sun making an early appearance and rain apart from one shower not being any hinderance in filming. I have uptide fished before many years ago out of Swansea and Geordie John Barnes the very experienced skippers mate gave some 1st class advice and practical demo’s of how to do it Ramsgate style, you’re never too old to learn so my uptide rods will be dusted off for the next outing. Video will be on-line shortly and hopefully others may find the techniques filmed and what the boat and skipper offers useful and it will be on-line soon.

Skerry Belle boat fishing off Ramsgate in Kent

A days boat fishing for me is a long day due to the travel times I have from my home location with most ports 2-3hours drive. When visiting a new port I haven’t fished before there is a number of details I like to know about for example, 1: parking is there parking near to the boat at a sensible price or does the skipper have permits, 2: Is there a cafe/pub to get an early breakfast, 3: Is there a tackle/bait store local, 4: Any public toilets just in case a no.2 is required before setting sail, 5: Pub or chippy for a fish supper when you get back to port. If the angler lives local most of this info isn’t needed but for me it is. I try to get this info from the skipper I’m booked out with and if post codes are available then it’s easy to pinpoint locations via Google Earth so you have an idea where your going and obviously were the boat is moored plus your Sat Nav should get you there easily too. The movie footage I’m editing for my recent first trip out with Roger Lennon at Ramsgate Kent On the Skerry Belle Charter Boat details will be shown on the finished movie so any anglers considering fishing with Roger will see the amenities available, I did something similar for Weymouth and anglers have found it useful, here is the Google Earth view of the Marina that will feature on the movie when finished.