Lure making moulds update new Deviltail Eels mould for Bass

Latest mould to add to my growing collection is this Devil Tail Eel the curltail is tried and tested on my deviltail worms and has proved successful with Bass. This version has an eel shape body with top fin to assist swmimming stability. Examples of the finished lures in my new Transflex with various glitters and flakes added with the basic silver glitter proving top colour. The lures are very easy to make and borth my Superflex and Transflex can be heat cured average setting times from filling to de mould IRO 10 minutes. The lure works well with my Bullet 2/0 size with the Eagle Claw 570H hardwire hooks, will be in shop once the legal stuff is dealt with and design registered.

Skate fishing on the Skerry Belle Ramsgate Kent

Well what a wonderfull day treated to a glorius autumn sunrise at Ramsgate Kent On the Skerry Belle Charter Boat with Roger Lennon and a mixed crew of new faces and all of us keen to get onto the magnificent fish that this area offers. First mark targeting skate using a basic Portland rig with 1.5m trace rigged pennel style and two 6/0 Aberdeen hooks, bait were chunks of herring nothing fancy just cut the head off and cut into three chunks and discard the tail. First drop a small ray, then another along the boat and a codling not a bad start. More rays and the usual dogs kept us active until the tide died away and so did the fish. So a move to deeper water and see if we could find some Cod, with slackwater and no tide it took a while to kick off and the rays started coming thick and fast, David Zippy Long after a lot of effort earlier started landing some nice size rays and similar so did others and I was getting a fish a chuck virtualy. I put a second uptide rod out and that saw plenty of action with both rods into fish at one stage. So I can claim the honours as top rod catch wise and heaviest fish at 11.5lbs oh and a new PB for me in the time it took me to eat two bacon sanwiches on a boat when inconsiderate fish kept jumping all over my baits !!! as to Cod well I suppose I will just have to go fishing Again to hit those … Bummer Eh!

Lure moulds and lure making materials in the UK

Latest DIY mould to roll out is my super large worm for big Cod Coalfish and Halibut, see the sizes and it will accept a range of jigheads up to 8/0 and larger but I don’t make any jigheads above 8/0 at the moment. It’s a body only mould so it has the full flexibility to accept a range of jighead/hook options. Great lure for Nordic Cod and wrecking for big Cod in the UK too, will be in store soon.

See the current range of lures moulds here: SEABOOMS.COM

Large lure mould for Cod, Coalfish and Halibut DIY lure making

Bass fishing on the Portland Races in Dorset UK

If you’ve never fished the Portland Races for Bass then you don’t know what you’re missing it’s the best roller coaster ride on a boat you can enjoy when it gets going. If you take a look at this 3D image of the seabed you will see why the waters around that area are so turbulent and all the ledges that the Bass love to frequent to get fed. When all the conditions are right in weather and tides it’s one of the hottest drift fishing spots in the UK and the experienced charter boat skippers from Weymouth know how to safely fish the races and when to get the best results. One problem you do have is it’s Lure and terminal rig hungry so expect to lose plenty of gear as you have to stay in touch with the bottom to get ammongst the Bass. Last Saturday we only had a short window of tide to make some drifts and during that time 10 Bass were taken and even more lures/rigs lost so a good case for making your own. I took first fish on a Portland rig fishing one of my silver sparkler whiptail sardines and the top colours that worked were ice whites, blue whites and the semi transparent silvers. The Bass don’t peck at the lures either they hit them hard so make sure your clutches/drags are setup right or they will smash you up, so if you want an experience fish the Races if you can.

Portland Races off Dorset in the UK 3D image of seabed

Watch this video it will show you just how good it is to fish the races.

Weymouth boat fishing on the Bass, Bream, Plaice and Turbot

Fishing Weymouth with Al’s Spirit skippered by Adrian Brown and organised by Neil Wittig leader of the Southampton Boys angling club proved to be an interesting day both with the weather and the fishing. To start with en route to Weymouth and dropping down into the town the whole sky was lit up with lightning and then the heavy rain kicked off not a good start I’m thinking. Leaving the port saw a clearing sky and the sun making an appearance but the XC forecast wasn’t quite right and as we headed towards the Bill the winds picked up and the swell got extremely bumpy with the boat slamming into the waves Hmmmm not nice !! We tried drifting for the Bream using squid strips on light gear but they too had clearly taken flight after the recent stormy days and today wasn’t much better so no takers. A squall came at us from the SW and the winds increased so did the seas but the intrepid anglers battled on and we even saw a twister developing up in the clouds and a double rainbow with the end marking were the fish were I wondered ! No bream so off to the races (this should be fun) to find the Bass. First drop with one of my silver sparkler whiptail sardines straight into a Bass so first fish to Moi on my lures, plenty more Bass taken over a short window as the tide dropped away so did the fish. Onto the Plaice and like the Bream they just weren’t about and with the weather improving and the sun coming out final last ditch attempt at finding some Turbot and the species hunt started. In the end we had, Bream taken on a Plaice rig, Turbot, Bass, a gilt head bream which I’d never seen before, dogs, and I had a PB tub gurnard taken on a mackeral side plus the biggest fish on the day another Turbot to add to my others taken on the Shambles bank. Fishing was hard, weather and wiinds were hard and they said “Come Fishing You’ll Enjoy It” but yes it was a good day with plenty of banter and Dave Cox getting his first Turbot so looking forward to hitting the Bass in November, many of the smaller fish returned to fight another day but we did have fish to take home too. I also gave my new Sony Xperia Z3 phone camera an outing and enjoyed snapping away and these images will also show just what the day was like so another … Result all round

Portland Plaice rigs didn’t they do well !

Well what a year for Plaice and my Portland Plaice rigs have well and truly been put to the test with some good sized fish being taken and they still are. Late start to the season with the storms earlier in the year but as it kicked off and the big boys made a show 4-6lb fish were pretty average. Was there a clear leader in the style of rigs that worked best answer is No ! the steel booms worked in faster tides and the bead strings worked in the slower ones and no particular colour combo proved to outfish others so the Black Green Lumi combo isn’t the be all and end all of rig colours always worth trying others when the Plaice are lazy feeders. My offset two hook rig proved more effective than the straight ones simply for the reason that they’re stiffer as the legs are shorter and beads and discs can float along the leg better than tight packed straight booms so I plan to phase the straight ones out next year. I have a new rig yet to be tried out on a hopping method style of slack water fishing for Plaice so watch this space, some images from this years catches mine and customers.

Squid baits it’s all in the presentation

It’s all in the presentation !! Top tip past onto me yesterday On the Skerry Belle Charter Boat was how they present a squid bait on a Pennel rig when uptiding. See the image the squid has the head removed from just inside the pouch area and the quill is pulled out plus remove the mottled skin so the white body is more visible. Take your filleting knife and make cuts to the pouch opening to form ribbons about 4/6mm wide and around 40mm long so it forms a frilly skirt that flaps in the tide. Take the lower pennel hook in this case a 6/0 Aberdeen and stich it through the squid body from the end of the body down to start of ribbons and make sure the point isn’t shrouded with any skin. Top pennel hook slide down and twizzle with the mono trace and hook through the end of the body and finally attach the head with eyes onto the top hook. Fish will attack the head and tentacles first so you have two hooks ready to do the business and it works ! this fine Smoothy around 3lb went for it within a few minutes and it was photographed and returned safely to grow bigger. Other tip when uptiding change baits often about every 10 minutes so good scent trails add to the attraction, although I’m still a novice at uptiding now I can go on and teach others …. PMSL !

Uptide fishing for Bass produces nice 7lb plus fish

Well who’s a Happy Chappy then !!! Great day On the Skerry Belle Charter Boat with skipper Roger Lennon and John Barnes plus a great crew David Zippy Long and weather for shorts and T shirts in October how good is that. I was on this trip to hone my uptiding skills and hopefully christen a new uptide Bass rod and some new uptiding weights, well I couldn’t have asked for a better result than this 7lb+ Bass and everything well and truly came together so well pleased. Got to be honest I can’t take all the credit for catching this fish as John showed me a baiting option for the pennel rig in a string of yellowtail lug and strips of squid on each hook so a joint effort ! However It’s All Mine and I even tagged it just in case anyone wanted to run off with it !!! Great day with many other fish taken amongst the crew, Whiting, Codling some nice size too plus Dogs, Pouts. Image taken by Roger on his New Sony Xperia phone and in landscape format so when you catch quality fish on his boat you even get top Quality Happy Snaps for your albums how good is that.

Bass fishing off Ramsgate Kent on the Skerry Belle