Great day out on Charter Boat The Rocket out of Poole Dorset UK

Magnificent day out on the Rocket from Poole with skipper owner Trevor Small and his brother Martin. The weather was awesome although a tad above freezing the winter sun out of the cold breeze was amazingly warm. Impressed with the new landing stage at Poole harbour which has taken over the greasy old steps and delays waiting for boats to load and unload the anglers. We looked for some Bass on the ledges with my lures getting a wetting and Martin an avid fly fisherman using some of his sandeel bigeye patterned flies to hit any Bass lurking about. No Bass so the hook went down and we hit the whiting and small congers plus spurdogs with good sport on light tackle and the whiting went from pin size full house some casts to really plump fish. The finally of what was a really great day was a sunset you would not be expecting in the UK and in December !! Nice one and the jokemaster Trevor well dial 9 for an outside line !!!

One of my top catching Superflex lures in action see why it works

Tank testing my paddle tail twitcher you can see why the Cod and Pollock like these and they have taken some really good fish since introduced.The design of the lure with it’s large paddle tail and flexible tail section not only kicks ass it also rocks the body at slow and fast speed take a look and you will see what I mean in this short clip. Available ready made or DIY moulds for home production and the lure in this clip was produced using the standard Superflex silicone, if you want even more action the Superflex silicone softner can be easily added.