Cod fishing in Norway testing new Superflex lures

From the package to the product ! firstly thanks to Paul Stevens Sportquest for agreeing to take an assortment of my new Turbo Supercharger Eels out with him to Norway and test them out on the Cod that they catch out there. The brief was to use the Eels as teasers and see how the Superflex silicone bodies and the 9/0 Eagleclaw hooks stood up to the lunkers and they did very well indeed. I was informed that conditions weren’t ideal due to high winds and rough seas plus some rigging issues that where overcome and that they only took small fish with them. Well if these are small fish I would be very happy indeed to catch these off Weymouth every trip out !! LOL. So what’s next ?? the lures are going to fish the Fjords of Norway as main lures for the large Coalfish that frequent the area and see how they fair on those, stocks and the DIY moulds of the two sizes will now be made ready to go into my store to increase the collection for UK codding…. A Result well pleased.

Offshore Rebel IV wrecking out of Weymouth for Pollock & Cod

Looking back to the Offshore Rebel IV wrecking trip and kit and lures used the curltails again proved the killer lure taking Pollock of the day. The lures shown accounted for all the fish I caught and the ling jigs worked attracting the attention of some large pouting when loaded with a mackerel flapper and tipped with white squid skirt, no ling but as there was only one small ling caught on the trip they were obviously not on the prowl in numbers. The jig worked in the config previously shown without any tangles and only one jig lost to the wreck on very slow drifts. I fished all the lures on my 6″ S/S seabooms medium gauge and traces varied from 2m to 3m and with average fish takes 20 plus turns up from the wreck, they worked well with only a couple of rigs plus the ling jig lost to the wreck. With Cod taken on this trip hopefully more will show on my next trip out and chance to use some of the lures more dedicated to Codding.

Fishing on Wild Frontier II out of Weymouth

Short notice trip and a weather window to get out and checkout some wrecks for Pollock out of Weymouth. Been trying for sometime to get out and fish on Wild Frontier Charters skippered by Clem Carter but after a number of cancellations due to bad weather the chance came up and I grabbed it. Got to say first off Wild Frontier II is a very well presented angling boat in pristine condition and just no clutter anywhere and the comfortable wheelhouse is the same, immaculate. Clem is very commited and great sense of humour plus on the ball to make a days angling on the boat as it should be and he did just that today. The images show what the conditions were like and some of the top fish taken, everyone caught fish and a good amount to take home and top off the freezers with Pollock and Ling plus whiting. We even stayed out that extra time to hit the ling as the first visit didn’t do anything at all so a revisit may be more fruitful and Bingo the big boys came out to play, I took one of mine on what was an 8/0 pennel Cod rig with a 30lb main trace fishing a small chunk of mackerel and squid expecting the ling to soon chew through that but I skilfully angled it aboard (more luck than angling !!). Skipper Clem is also extremely fast at filleting fish while we all sat and watched, all part of the service on Wild Frontier II out of Weymouth.