Fishing in Norway Cod Bombers new design lure

Big eye bombers next design ready to roll out a Twintail version and from past experience of codding in the UK they love em so the bruisers in Norway should muller them. Design incorporates all the updates recommended by the Sportquest Norway GooRoo ! Paul Stevens head guide and all round experienced angler who will be getting some to put through their paces and I will be taking some too. Along with the extra hook eyes I’ve added into the moulds provisions for the add/remove of rattles and lightsticks and 10/0 big game hooks as standard or can go to 14/0, top weight is 500g/18oz which should bomb down nicely and if more is required my egg weights can be slid onto the trace plus there are two smaller weights. AND there is another two new patterns in progress so this will be quite a large family by the time we both ship out to Norway.

Fishing Alderney The Channel Islands With Soft Lures

Customer is off to fish the channel Islands Alderney so here’s the brief will want lures for hitting the wrecks en route and around the area for Pollock and Cod if they’ve arrived in April. Will also be on the banks for Plaice and Turbot so put me a package together that will make me top rod on the boat !! HaHa no pressure then. Based on recent results and last years catch rates and the year before on the Plaice as last year Plaice fishing just didn’t happen similar Turbot wasn’t as good as previous years I’ve put this mixed batch of lures and colours to see how they work for him. Oh and a Free beanie to keep his nut warm.


Tackle box stickers Pimp Ya Box here

PIMP YA BOX !! re-print of all my stickers now in stock and shipping FOC with orders, little orders = little stickers, BIG orders = BIG stickers !! and bigger orders your choice from my collection.

Turbo fish soft lures out on sea trials review

When you come up with a new lure design you can make it and test it in the tanks but at the end of the day it’s the sea trials that prove if it’s any good taking fish and standing up to sharp teeth and strong takes. Yesterdays sea trials proved a great success taking some nice Pollock with a variety of colours patterns and sizes of lures. The new Turbo Fish was tried first with a large size olive Ice colour loaded with a 9/0 hook and 20g head, on the second drop bingo fish on and after landing the lure was inspected for damage but good to go it went for another swim and bingo another fish. I changed to a smaller blue ice fish with 4/0 hook 13g head and that little fish took a good few Pollock and you can see the teeth marks but it stood up well. I had some supersoft large pearl ice turbo fish and needed to see how that swims and how durable it would be. Again on a roll it took fish and stood up to those pin sharp teeth. The larger Whackytails a lure designed more for Cod than Pollock but it attracted the attention of a couple of nice fish, along with using my awesome eels and the well proven turbo tail eels small size loaded onto a 13g 4/0 turbo head a good sea trial session and the X2 Mk2 silicone stood up well so these will be ready to roll and in my store shortly. The images show lures used and how they sustained multiple hookups and remain still fishable for future trips.

Weymouth wrecking out on Wild Frontier II Pollock fishing

When I fish Weymouth I have at least a two hour drive and with it being a Friday the drive home took considerably longer down to traffic and poor weather conditions but it gives you time to reflect on the days fishing. This is a report I was excited about writing and you will see why as it develops. Great start to the day weather wise glorious sunrise, low winds and temperatures around 6c. The crew apart from one were all new faces but very keen experienced anglers getting to sea after many cancelled trips. Weather forecast was against us with wind and rains due around mid day and as we steamed out to the wreck sea state was already lumpy but with wind direction and tides fishing was do-able. Arriving at the first wreck around 1000hrs and first drop every one apart from one where into fish and the one who wasn’t was ME !! simple fact I wasn’t ready to start the drift so my bad and missed those early takes. But all was resolved on the next drift and again most of us including me were into fish and some klonkers coming aboard with the skipper Clem Carter and his crewman Rik Gold they were well busy charging round the boat landing fish. That scenario continued throughout the morning with many double figure fish and one at 19.5lbs we weighed it were taken. Around mid day winds were strengthening and the sea was heaping up but we were still taking quality fish. My brief for the day was to sea trial two new lures my Turbo Fish and the Whackytails medium and large size and yes they took good fish so well happy with their perfomances and I also had good sport with my ultra light spinning rod and baitcaster reel loaded with 20lb braid that really was exciting fishing. I also used some other popular lures and although the fish were taking most lures the technique was long flowing traces with fast winds up to 40 turns and most of my fish it was a quick take and continue winding to induce the connecting take. Around 1300hrs the skipper and crew agreed to call time for two reasons main one we all had enough fish to take home so why deplete the wreck stocks and most important winds were getting heavy and rain and sleet had set in so it was getting uncomfortable and we were mid channel 35miles out. Heading back to port the skipper and crewman filleted all the fish for us and we bagged them up ready for the freezers. So marks out of 10 for a good fish producing trip has to be 15 ! apart from weather you couldn’t have asked for a better trip. These images show some of the good sized fish taken and even the skipper Clem Carter got in on the action and why not he put his boat Wild Frontier II on to some great fishing so respect….. Roll on the next one.

If you want a really good day boat fishing and the chance to get into some excellent fish you can contact Wild Frontier II and skipper Clem Carter out of Weymouth HERE