Catching big fish in Norway

Let me dis a myth about fishing Norway and the dream of dropping a lure anywhere over the side of the boat and straight away into a huge Cod or Halibut it don’t happen !! Sorry to say that as I like many others that was the dream, if you want the fish then you have to find them like anywere else in the world. On our Norway trip we were lucky enough to have charts loaned to us with many marks on them and with GPS on the boat easy to find but even these change and fish move on so it’s very trial and error to locate them. The camp boss gave us a set of numbers to try out in the Norwegian sea approx 90 mins steam from the camp just dialed them into GPS and away we went straight to the mark and first drop into good double figure Cod all of us. The mark went off the boil after about an hour so back to the charts for that area and looked for changes in the seabed for any pinnacles that could deliver a feeding area and BINGO we found one. A test drift produced a full house and of bigger fish so the drift was setup again and again and we caught fish up to 25lbs and even when we called time we just had to have one more drift as it was all going our way. So as I said from the start this trip would be a learning curve and it sure was the experience for future trips is invaluable. This is what we saw on the GPS when we drifted over the mark and the fishing went nuts with an estimated 50 fish caught and over 750lbs on a C&R basis all safely returned, now that was a result for us.

Skjervoy Fishing Camp Norway on the Cod and Halibut

The HD video of our Norway trip is now live on my Youtube Channel. What I want to point out the three of us who went Sean Spicer and Roger Winnett were complete strangers brought together by our fishing interests and social media. I had fished once with Sean wrecking out of Weymouth and that was it and hadn’t met Roger until the day we flew out of the UK. The trio worked and was a complete success and by working as a team we achieved some good results as the video will show. Wind noise over the mic on the days it was bad and was cold well you will soon see what fishing in Norway in March can be like and on the days it was good it was fishing heaven. I’ve filmed and edited the video to give our experience and for anyone who hasn’t fished out of Skjervoy what to expect and the final scenes show the harbour, the Co-Op, tackle store and the fuel landing for the boat just insert your credit card and fill the boat up, Oh and of course when you find the fish just how good it can be…. Enjoy we did aptly titled Our First Time !!

Halibut fishing out of Skjervoy Norway fishing camp

One of my goals fishing Norway was to catch Halibut and it happened for me more out of luck than actually fishing for them. We found a mark on the charts and decided to do a couple of test drifts to see what occoured. I had a test large Whackytail shad with 9/0 hook on a long flowing trace 2m approx. a 10oz weight using a sliding Portland rig. Lure colour was a blue ice GITD/UV and had been out of the box for around 30mins so had time to charge up. Depth was around 80m with slight variation on the drift and drift speed was just under 1knt. I was using a slow wind up to 30 turns and dropping to the bottom again plus varying the speed. First few drifts attracted some small Cod and then BINGO I hooked into what felt like a whopper and as one of my fellow anglers qouted “Don’t They Hang On”. Once we had colour and could see it was a Halibut albeit only just over 12lbs the power of these fish became apparent as it made repeated dives to get back home. Awesome little scrap and even better we had that for tea that night and it tasted superb. So a new PB just need to get out there again when the big bad boys arrive oh and will need a bigger rod methinks !!

Peace & Plenty find the Pollock out on the Weymouth wrecks

New Kid On The Block skipper Jamie Pullin posts his first report with catch images and his anglers are into the fish from the first drop out on the Weymouth wrecks. A new crewman Connor gets his first outing and is in the skippers chair straight away enjoying the whole experience.

Jamie Wrote:

So 2016 gets away to a flying start with my first trip of the year. With a brisk north west wind cold enough to make a penguin feel right at home the lads assembled on the boat. With our forecast for the day being decreasing winds we set out on the first of many trips of the year.

After having a good catch up with the lads on the way out we arrived on our wreck with not a boat in sight. With a good steady run of large pollock throughout the day and as predicted the wind begining to ease and leave us with a lovely spring day. Even a little move to another wreck at the end of the day produced some more great condition fish.

As well as being the first of the year it was also a first for my new crew Connor who embraced the whole day, armed with his net he very successfully landed every fish with no problem. I even let him have a go on the wheel to get a feel for the old girl. Grinning from ear to ear he steamed us homeward.

With the diary filling fast now to ensure your chance to catch some of these great condition fish you can email me at or phone me on 07886931460.

There is a couple of spaces available on the 20th of March and a new day to fill 27th Easter Sunday wrecking on both days. Also a turbot , brill and we hope the odd plaice trip on the 3rd of April. If that takes anyone’s fancy.

Pollock fishing out of Weymouth On board Wild Frontier II Charter boat

Fishing is always a good day and today was an exceptionally good day out of Weymouth on board Wild Frontier II with skipper Clem Carter and a crew of dedicated anglers all but one I’ve fished with before so if we find the fish these chaps will do the business. Lousy drive down in the early hours due to heavy fog and steaming out to the first wreck the channel was a tad misty but calm and no winds. By the time we arrived on the first mark the sun was making an appearance and with the first drift fish were on so it was all starting to look rather like a good day. Some real clonkers were arriving on board and many double figure fish were taken using a variety of lures in various colours with the favourites, blue white, pearl white and rhubarbs leading the pack. We stayed on one wreck all day with fish on every drift and even as the tide slackened they still where on the take with various full house drifts. Plenty of fish for the freezers, plenty of practice for me ready for Norway next week and even caught some sun. If you could pre order your days fishing and weather to suit this would be what you would be asking for it doesn’t get any better than this. These images are a full house every angler on the boat with a fish and even The Poser !! Clem Carter got in on the act with a real fat girl and why not he found the fish for us on every drift thanks to GPS and a skipper who knows how to use it. I was even treated to a glorious sunset over the marina eating my fish and chips BLISS… Weymouth Rocks AGAIN !! I’ll add a PS to this skipper Clem Carter filleted and prepped all the catch on the way in as the auto pilot well Deano sat in the hot seat ! PMSL

Turbo Fish soft lure for Pollock, Cod and Bass fishing

Turbo Fish is now in my store after some really good results on the last three outings of sea trials they’re ready to roll. Two sizes, two colour ranges, three weights of Turbo heads and all sporting the Eagleclaw 570HBP black platinum hooks 4/0 – 9/0. Standard X2 Mk2 tough silicone rubber is used throughout the range which is ideal as a GP lure and the small blue ice lure which has taken most fish is now ready for it’s third outing so well durable. If you want a supersoft body that can be ordered but bear in mind like most soft body lures you sacrifice durability for flexibility. GITD/UV colour range available you can zap them up with UV torches or allow them to daylight charge just get them out of your lure box into daylight for 30mins before use and they will glow for up to 8hrs. I’ve had lots of requests for supplying just bodies for the DIY’ers who make their own jigheads and they’re available too from a ¬£1.00 each or better deals on bulk bags. You can buy just one to try or you can buy a Gross !! see them here on my lures page:

Big Eye Cod Bomber lures for fishing Norway

Cod Bomber family complete and ready to roll out all three patterns and options are now in store including a temporary GITD/UV colour chart. They all now sport the two extra hook eyes and standard 10/0 Eagleclaw Big Game 545M hooks 12/0 and 14/0 available options plus the add remove rattles and glowstiicks aperture. Made in X2 Mk2 Silicone rubber which is tougher than we tested last year in Norway and the early versions stood up well to punishment from sharp teeth so these will have a longer working life. Located here in my store:

World Record Norway Cod Catch

WE WANT TO GET A NEW WORLD RECORD COD !! when we fish Soroya this year 2016 !! No Pressure of course when Paul Stevens of Sportquest Holidays said to me make us a lure 40cm+ and 600g at least with as much tail action as possible and be able to take big trebles so we can troll it behind the boat to hit on the big boys. Ok not a problem so here is Big Daddy and it’s multi functional it can be fished as is and the tail action is awesome with the twin tails curling superb and driven by the heavy paddletail. Now if one or both of the tails get bitten off the lure isn’t lost you can trim them back to fins and it becomes a paddletail lure albeit a tad shorter still plenty of action to carry on using it and a third option cut the paddle off and just use it as a twin curltail. Any amount of colour options these two have been selected by Paul as he likes all things that glitter and a bit Pink ! Hmmm ok so now let’s see if they do the business and I’m taking a couple with me too when I go to Skjervoy this month

Peace & Plenty III angling charter boat has a new skipper

New Kid On The Block !! Peace and Plenty III a very well established charter boat operating out of Weymouth Dorset has a new skipper at the helm, Jamie Pullin who is known to many anglers who have boat fished out of Weymouth.

Jamie has been fishing since he was 14 years old working on many commercial operations from crab boats to Bassing and has been a crew member with some of Weymouths top skippers and now it’s time for what he has always wanted to skipper his own angling charter boat.

Fully qualified skipper with years of experience and local knowledge of the prime fishing grounds around Weymouth, the English channel and far further around the coast plus having the opportunity to take command of a top class Southboats Catamaran he is keen now to establish himself in the boat angling community.

Peace & Plenty III as you can see from the images offers all the comfort todays anglers look for and above all ample fishing space so fitting a full compliment of anglers with over 75% of usable deck fishing area no body will be fishing in cramped conditions.

The boat is a purpose built South Boats Catamaran she is 36 feet long with a 16 feet beam and is a very stable fishing platform, fitted with twin Cummins 210 hp Turbo diesels which can reach the marks at good speed so increasing fishing time.

Jamie will do Wreck fishing trips for Conger, Ling, Pollack, Cod etc. etc. Bank fishing for Bass, Brill, Plaice, and Turbot. Reef fishing for a very wide variety of species which include:- Cod, Conger, Bream, Huss, Tope, Whiting, Bass, Rays etc.etc.. So you can taylor charters to suit your needs or join others on pre-arranged singles trips.

Trips to the channel islands are also catered for and if you visit his page on the deepsea site you can view his diary and all the updates and catch reports. The boat has all the latest electronic fish finding and GPS systems plus safety equipment and is currently being re-fitted with microwave and new tea making equipment so hot refreshments and food facilities will be available all day.

Jamie is also a keen angler and I’ve fished with him and he is willing to pass on any assistance and advice from local knowledge to ensure you take full advantage of the great fishing on offer in the Weymouth and Portland area. Having been an active crew member he is also skilled in filleting and preparing his anglers catch so they go home will all fish caught ready to eat or freeze down.

A pretty full serivce from a new skipper that is very keen to establish himself, you can contact Jamie via his mobile or email and his Facebook wall  details are on all the images so make contact to discuss your requirements.