Fishing Norway for large Cod, Halibut and Coalfish

Updated my Norway gallery page with all the latest images of some of the cracking fish taken on my lures this year so far and some from previous years plus a couple of video links added. Thanks to Paul Stevens and his merry men for their efforts:

Turbo Super Eel soft lures for Cod Pollock Coalfish Haddock Bass

Looks like another testing trip is coming on see how the Pollock and Cod take to these Turbo Super Eels. New larger size based on my Turbo Eels and I’ve made this one with a shovel tail so it adds more weight to drive the eel plus the body shape has been ammended slightly so the eel can be cut down and the turbo jighead can be repositioned, or if the X2 tears around the hook exit the lure can be easily reduced in size to carry on catching. Made in X2 Silicone so it’s pretty tough anyways and has more than proven itself out in Norway this year taking all sizes of Cod up to 64lb so I know it’s durable and flexible for kick ass action. DIY moulds will be added once final testing has taken place and the colours shown are top catching plus the GITD/UV colours will also be available in due course. Finshed lures with the turbo head or bodies only if you make your own jigheads, I’ve opted for Eagleclaw 570HBP lazer sharp hooks and the 4/0 13g turbo head works well if you want to cut the eel down in size and weight so all options covered, a catch all jobbie infact !!

Turbo Tail Ells have new upgrade option in weighted tail

New addition to my Turbo Tail Eels I’ve added a weighted Bobbletail to impart more vibes from the rippling curltail for added attraction if the water is a tad coloured. Jighead and body system so easy to replace tails or change options from the plain tail to the weighted, weight is created by the additional X2 silicone rubber so all in one moulded. Plenty of colour options plus bags of mixed bodies will be available so if one colour isn’t turning the fish on just swap to another, two sizes and similar two jighead/hook sizes and weights so plenty of options to play with. Curltails have fished well for Cod and Pollock so this addition should prove a useful option. Image shows my 20g and 13g heads there is also a 33g head available, bodies are apporox. 8g and 12g for the weight conscious.

Two hook Portland Plaice spreader rigs

DEAD … DECEASED… R.I.P…. is No More !!! my straight beaded two hook spreaders have been buried and won’t be resurected. Reason is the design is dependent on the beads being tight to locate the weight clip as central as possible so there is no natural movement of the beads to add the attraction to turn the Plaice on. My split level version overcomes this in the design being effectively two seperate booms with their own independant movement of the beads and discs if required so they can float naturally along the arm adding a more natural movement. The intricate wire bending locates the weight clip in it’s own right centrally and with the booms being shorter but the same width if that makes sense the rig is stiffer and with the heat shrink over the end windings is a lot more braid friendly. Been around for a couple of years now and have fished well so production of these with plenty of bead colour choices and with or without discs is well under way ready for hopefully a good Plaice season this year. Quick link to my Plaice rigs:

New lures for fishing Soroya Norway catching big Cod

A good joint effort by myself abd Paul Stevens we arrived at a supersize lure that has not only taken good sized fish to near 60lb but has also remained durable through a number of takes and landings. Here is Paul’s report back on how the Big Daddy lures and new bomber versions fished in Soroya and images of a few of the quality fish taken with them.

Paul Stevens Wrote:

After speaking to Allan Yates owner of, we both came up with some lures for me to trial out on the world famous Island of Soroya, Northern Norway home to the world record Cod.

The lures we had decided on were around 40cm long with the most amazing looking tails. We also included a separate ring on the bottom of the lures so we could attach a stinger hook. When I first saw these lures I could imagine the Cod getting very turned on by the action of the tails therefore just attacking the tails, so we both thought it would be good idea of the option of attaching a stinger hook.

When it came to trialling these lures my first attempt was with out the stinger and even though I did hook lots of fish it was difficult to get the bite to landed fish ratio high enough not to use the stinger. I would be getting huge bangs from the Cod, they were hooked but then with a couple of head shakes they managed to free themselves and I really don’t know how because the single hook was razor sharp and of a good quality, but they did.

So with the lure losing a few fish with out the stinger, it was time to make full use of the lures extra ring and attached a good sized Owner treble as an extra point of contact and was sure that the Cod would not get away this time.

Also I forgot to mention that these lures went through the water columns at a huge rate of knots, much faster than all the other lures meaning you get to the fish first.

So with the attached stinger treble this lure proved to be very effective and managed some very good results. Even when the Cod had gone off the feed and all other lures were not working, the tail action on this lure just turned the fish on and they could not resist.

The tails of this lure stood up to some pretty punishing action and stayed in one piece which both myself and Allan were a little concerned about, but to my surprise I managed to catch lots of fish before sadly had to retire it for another one.

We took Cod to just short of 60Lb’s on this lure and I can not thank Allan enough for producing yet another quality lure for me to trial out in Norway. We are currently working on something for my next trip where we will be targeting Halibut so hopefully if the trials go as well as this we may be standing here in the next few months with a record on our hands!!

Thanks Allan and tight lines

Paul Stevens

Norway Sea Fishing Guide for Sportquest Holidays

Images of the trial lures shipped over and some of the great fish caught with them, the Big Daddy lure was a pure prototype and will now be added to my range.