Eco friendly hand poured silicone rubber luresI have released the next two Eco Lures using my formula of silicone rubber to create a very durable alternative to using PVC. The WobblyAss as the name implies the lure has a large heavy paddle tail and the main body tail is fluted to give the attractive wobble required to induce a take.

I have also built in a unique Rattle Vibe so not only does it make a rattle noise it also creates vibrations imparted to the lure from the jighead down to the tail, again adding more attraction to induce takes. There are also spare bodies available so in time to come when the existing body has been mullered by hungry Cod, Bass or Pollock the jighead can be replenished with a new body. What I will point out when re-using the jig heads is they can’t be re-used with the Rattler Vibes as they are part of the hook assembly when it’s first moulded.

Large shads for sea and freshwater fishingThe much larger and heavier FloppyAss shads are the other lures released. Large range of colours are available so you can choose exactly what you need for the days fishing. All the full details and design features are shown on the images so just enlarge the thumbs and you can study the design and workmanship that has gone into these lures.

As both these lures are only made to order please allow 5 working days for shipping and then the extra delivery times it will take to arrive ready for your fishing trip. It is planned to build stock once we know what colour combinations and sizes will be popular, once that happens then shipping within 48hrs will be the norm as our other products are.

Simple rigging example using stainless steel sea booms and the large FloppyAss shads.This image will give you an example of a suggested rig using my heavyweight steel sea booms. Either sizes 6″ or 12″ will work with these lures and as the image shows, you just need to trim the rig with weights to suit tidal speeds and drift speed of the boat.

Fishing technique is the same for all shads on a sink and draw style so let the lure touch bottom and then wind up.

For Cod keep near the bottom so wind up 10 turns and drop again vary the wind speed start slow and then try different speeds. For Pollock and Bass you can come up higher and agin at different speeds. When you get a take Don’t Stop Winding just let the fish take the lure and they will hook themselves. Don’t forget for added attraction these eco lures accept my fishy rubs well so the added temptation should see your catch rate rocket.

Both Lures Are Available At WWW.SEABOOMS.COM

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