8 New concentrated fishy flavour sea fishing lure rubs added.

Sea fishing lure and dead baits fish flavour concentrated rubsJust added another 8 new flavours to my sea fishing lures and dead bait rubs in smaller handy bottles either 30ml with secure flip tops or a smaller size 15ml in an eye dropper bottle.

These sizes are just right to keep in your pocket and they are so concentrated you use very little per rub / drift so even a 15ml bottle would last a wreck/reef trip subject obviously to lure or deadbaits you’re using. I am basing it on a standard 6″ shad or eel style lure so larger for every drift the 30ml bottle would be more cost effective.

I have created what I consider all the top catching flavours for your lures and pepping up frozen baits. The mixture is really Gloopy and sticks to lure bodies well so will leech off slowly when down at drift level and should last the length of an average drift so just replenish at the start of the next drift.

You don’t need a lot as the mix is concentrated so don’t waste the rub by getting the lure with it dripping off the tail so to speak, use sparingly as it’s designed to enhance the lure attraction to induce a take not to feed the whole shoal of large Cod, Pollock or Bass and any other predatory fish invited to dinner.


Be aware of the shipping advice given as to ship out one bottle either size it comes into the RM packet rate of £2.70 plus packaging. There is no extra cost for more bottles up to 16 x 30ml more for 15ml ordered as it’s less than 750grams when the RM rates shoot up again. If you get stuck follow the instructions on the sales page or mail me via Ebay messaging for help.

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