Another update Super Heavyweight Sea Booms Now Available


The Super Heavyweight 350lb test are now available plus the Heavyweight 125lb test booms are also live in my ebay store. Details are in the images and they can be purchased either 1 boom to try out or in packs of 3 or 5 booms and obviously as many as you want.

There are two sites that suits pretty near all types of rig and lures I kept to 12″ for the main reason any longer isn’t really that practical especially with heavy lures or baits as the booms will bend in an upward direction so it effectively comes back closer to the shock leader. I am looking at going to 2mm stainless wire but again that has inherent problems in the fact that drag on thicker booms increases dramatically.

There is also the 6″ size which is very stiff at this length so worth considering this with heavy lures and baits. Selecting the right size is really down to the conditions on the day and as both booms are complete and just need a couple of knots to get them rigged it’s not too much of a job to change them, so it’s worth having both size in the tackle bag.

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