Bass fishing in Dorset using lures

Out fishing some inshore wrecks recently we found a good number of Bass and despite the current ban they were caught weighed and safely returned. We didn’t set out to target Bass but it’s hard to tell them to leave your lures alone. However it did give me the opportunity to see how some of my new lures worked and I took a good number of Bass along with average sized Pollock and using light gear it was good sport and some nice catch images taken. I personally enjoy sport fishing and catch and return in areas were fish will go back and live to fight another day it doesn’t bother me infact it’s quite rewarding to see the fish take off like a torpedo and join the shoal to grow bigger. All the kit used and the lures all in my new X2 silicone rubber at various degrees of softness proved themselves so they have now caught well across the range of Cod, Pollock, Coalfish and now Bass plus I also had Halibut out in Norway on them so pleased with the results. Here are some of the images of the Bass taken as a Bi Catch out wrecking.

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