Bass fishing on the Portland Races in Dorset UK

If you’ve never fished the Portland Races for Bass then you don’t know what you’re missing it’s the best roller coaster ride on a boat you can enjoy when it gets going. If you take a look at this 3D image of the seabed you will see why the waters around that area are so turbulent and all the ledges that the Bass love to frequent to get fed. When all the conditions are right in weather and tides it’s one of the hottest drift fishing spots in the UK and the experienced charter boat skippers from Weymouth know how to safely fish the races and when to get the best results. One problem you do have is it’s Lure and terminal rig hungry so expect to lose plenty of gear as you have to stay in touch with the bottom to get ammongst the Bass. Last Saturday we only had a short window of tide to make some drifts and during that time 10 Bass were taken and even more lures/rigs lost so a good case for making your own. I took first fish on a Portland rig fishing one of my silver sparkler whiptail sardines and the top colours that worked were ice whites, blue whites and the semi transparent silvers. The Bass don’t peck at the lures either they hit them hard so make sure your clutches/drags are setup right or they will smash you up, so if you want an experience fish the Races if you can.

Portland Races off Dorset in the UK 3D image of seabed

Watch this video it will show you just how good it is to fish the races.

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