Bream fishing from Weymouth on Wild Frontier II

Disapointment that turned to elation out on Wild Frontier II from Weymouth skippered by Clem Carter. The trip plan was mid channel wrecking to find some early Cod but it was changed to inshore for the Bream, a good call for us in the end and reason was the May bloom that so colours the water it was totally un-economical to venture out mid channel for possibly only a few to no fish at all. Day started wet with rain which soon cleared and the sun shone for us, another bonus was we arrived at the mark far quicker than steaming out miles to the wrecks so more fishing time. Bream started to show which were good sized 3 – 4lbs and during the day plenty were taken with undersized returned to fight another day. Fishing at anchor bores the Ass off me to be honest which is why I very rarely do it I much prefer drift fishing keeps me more occupied BUT!! yesterday my boredom turned to excitement when I got into what turned out to be a really well marked Undulate Ray and of good size on my really light spinning kit set up for Breaming. Skipper Clem Carter had just come up front were I was fishing to let out more anchor rope and the Ray took off fortunately the tide had eased right off so it was tackle versus fish without adding in tidal flow to allow the fish to kite. With great weather and good fishing plus meeting some of the anglers from my FB friends for the first time it turned out to be a really great day and Weymouth Rocks !! Again, never get bored saying that. Here are some images of the Bream taken and my Undulate of course, even the skipper got in on the act enjoying a spot of fishing in between his other duties looking after the anglers and why not.

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