Buying cheap can work some times

How often do you hear “Buying cheap is not always the best option” and on many occasions it’s true but so far the cheap boat rods I have been retailing have proved not to be the case.

I have now used the Xtra Flexx boat rod on three trips and caught fish on all three and I have to say I am well pleased with its performance and the fact it hasn’t fallen to bits on me or broken just at the wrong time.

My own rods have been the Diawa whisker carbon rods and the cost when I purchased them was an awful lot more than the Xtra Flexx rod. But these rods, three of them have given me many years of service and have accounted for some really top class fish and the 10-20lb class rod caught a 90lb plus conger one year that got me into the British Conger Club.

So to have a rod like the Xtra Flexx to play with and for under £30.00 including shipping is one for the “Must be crap at that price” well I can assure you so far it’s proving that statement totally wrong. What I like about it is the flexibility and range of the rod as I have used it so far for, bream, mackerel, bassing, wrecking and turbot/plaice fishing so to say I have given it an all round test is totally true. Another like it is very light and feels good to fish with, now that may seem an odd statement but my son has two rods he loves and I totally dislike the feel of them (not supplied by me BTW !!)

So more updates on this rod in the near future as I plan to carry on fishing with it until I can say “It’s crap” or “A must have main/secondary rod) and quote two looks like the winner so far.

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