Cod and Whiting bashing Wednesday 11th January 2012

First trip out of 2012 and hopefully we will be on the Whiting and a chance of big Cod too. All the kit is ready to go and we have some great bait options to hit the fish. One new member of our crew first time out and we have a good boat and a great weather forecast for the first time this year.

Should have a good gallery of “The Catch” as I’m fishing all day and leaving the video camera at home for this one, well may change my mind will have to wait and see what happens. Have a later than usual start as the skipper had some work to do on the boat ready for us and needs to tidy it up so a good leisurely full English breakfast is on the cards.

As usual despite all these years of fishing I still get excited on a good trip out so fingers crossed and more to come on the trip report.


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