Cod fishing in Norway testing new Superflex lures

From the package to the product ! firstly thanks to Paul Stevens Sportquest for agreeing to take an assortment of my new Turbo Supercharger Eels out with him to Norway and test them out on the Cod that they catch out there. The brief was to use the Eels as teasers and see how the Superflex silicone bodies and the 9/0 Eagleclaw hooks stood up to the lunkers and they did very well indeed. I was informed that conditions weren’t ideal due to high winds and rough seas plus some rigging issues that where overcome and that they only took small fish with them. Well if these are small fish I would be very happy indeed to catch these off Weymouth every trip out !! LOL. So what’s next ?? the lures are going to fish the Fjords of Norway as main lures for the large Coalfish that frequent the area and see how they fair on those, stocks and the DIY moulds of the two sizes will now be made ready to go into my store to increase the collection for UK codding…. A Result well pleased.

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