Cod fishing in Norway

This is deffo on my bucket list to catch cod like this one that John Wilson lands while pirking in Norway. I fish for cod quite regularly both summer and winter cod and the largest I’ve had is just over 18lbs which is live bait for some of the cod out of the ports in Norway.

Have a look at this youtube flash clip and see what I mean and then call your wife/partner and shout down the phone “Get The Chips Ready” still haven’t worked out how they get the fillets back to the UK yet !

Our wreck trip in November out of Weymouth may produce cod and anything this size will soon be vac packed and in the freezer for some great eating. I will have the new HD camera with me too so hopefully I can show us catching cod this big to you, we’ll see.

Just added a second clip to this post of an earlier trip John Wilson did to Norway and believe it or not the time there is just after midnight and the sun is still shining, the sea is oily calm and they’re catching cod like these, wicked eh.




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