Cod fishing in the English Channel

Another good day out on the wrecks in the English channel out of Weymouth with Chris Caines and Aaron on the Tiger Lily. Tried out the new savage soft 4 play real herring shads coupled with out little fish jig heads and eagleclaw 635 hooks. Fist drift nice cod and it it hit as soon as I touched bottom.

The shad worked well only downside is they’re soft plastics and the teeth on the cod soon ripped them so take that into account they’re a good realistic swimming lure and will catch fish but don’t expect them to last too long.

Some really good Cod taken around the crew and everyone went home with some good fillets for our freezers. I also managed to try out some new lures too but more on those soon once I have the images done and catch video, just toooo bizzy catching the fish but someone has to do it !!!!

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