Cod fishing out of Lymington and Weymouth with bombers and bigheads

Bigheads and bombers review: After the initial tests out of Lymington and Weymouth chasing the Cod on the wrecks a few observations have been made on how the larger lures worked. The bombers worked well on the Lymington trip and took Cod to 16+lbs and with the tides that day the 11oz size in Orange proved itself and the 9/0 Sakuma hooks had no issues in connecting into the fish. Day one out of Weymouth I took the new versions of the smaller paddletail bigheads, medium size fat tails and the new crazy tails to try out. The rig was a 6″ S/S boom with 6″ Turbo Twitcher Paddletails sporting 9/0 hooks with no trace just direct attachment to the boom arm and slung below that one of the new bigheads. Action was to hop the teaser rig infront and over the wreck and first drop two fish on with larger bighead taking the bigger fish. More drifts and similar action on double fish each time, the rig was then changed just to the bigheads so all three designs could get a chance to prove themselves. More Cod and a few nice size ling to the large Orange fat tail and the blue veined crazytail, large number of fish were taken that day and the new lures and rig config worked well with the Superflex silicone rubber standing up to the pin sharp teeth of the Cod and especially the Ling taken with another bonus NO rigs lost to the wrecks. Day two out of Weymouth was a different story, stronger winds and bigger tides the 11oz bigheads and bombers were underweighted and took longer on the drop and obviously resulted in more line out, they still took fish but also with less control when the wreck approached more rigs were lost. I didn’t have larger weights with me to overcome the tides so the tests concluded with me changing to a more conventional hopping rig with 12oz ball weights and short traces with the turbo twitchers. Conclusion although these lures are primarily designed for use in Norway and Iceland chasing the big Cod and Halibut they have proved themselves in the UK but you need to take into account the tides you will be fishing to get the weights right and if wrecking take into account losses although by the time you have costed the posh pirks of similar weights or conventional rigs of booms, weight and lure there isn’t much difference in costs. This images show the main catching lures used and how they stood up to good number of Cod taken with them and the fat tail after landing a few ling and you can follow the release and availability of these lures here:

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