new site goes satellite

The well known web site the source of finding and booking your boat fishing trips has gone to the next level in utilising the latest technology and social networking. You can use google maps or satellite to sort out were your nearest skippers are located and their details, blogs, websites etc.

You can also view their booking diaries to see when the best tides and dates are available for clubs, whole boat bookings, or jumping on board for a singles trip and meet up with some new angling buddies.

The site is new and is still undergoing development and as it’s being run by dedicated skippers for skippers and anglers you know the results will be to give up to date details for you go to sea when you have withdrawal symptoms and need a fishing fix.

I have taken a promo page on the Tackle page and I can also post more info there are links to latest tackle and discount deals.

DEEPSEA.CO.UK pop over and take a look, use the search function to find your port or a skippers boat.

My Tackle Page Link

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