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I have always enjoyed good feedback and rapor with my customers which is the way I want to run my business, if there has been a problem or customer not satisfied then the issue is addressed straight away. I go to a lot of trouble to show and explain what the items are I’m selling so the customer can see what they’re spending their money on and will it be exactly what they require.

During the time I’ve been on ebay any neutral feedback I have found somewhat pathetic for example take this one “a bit disappointed because it’s just 2 pices of wire that i can make myself” ref product see the link below which are my baiting needles, go and take a look at the product and you will see from the image and details it’s very well displayed what you’re buying. If he could have made it himself then why did he buy it I ask ???

I can never understand why a customer would want to leave neutral or negative feedback nearly one month after the delivery of the item if they’re “Disapointed” when they can contact me straight away and return the item for a full refund. On looking at this customers feedback he appears to be critical of others too.

Another really annoying issue over feedback I also go to the trouble of pointing out If Not Sure On The Product ASK US so what more can I do to stop the customer not getting what they want and enjoying the product and it doing the job well.

This product is as explained and images show they’re two sizes of 1.6mm stainless steel wire bent to form a baiting needle, I contacted the customer and his explanation for leaving neutral feedback was rather crazy “He thought it he was getting something different” so why would I want to display an item and supply something different only he knows what he wants to buy and if what I’m selling is right for him.

The saying is you can’t please customers all of the time even if you do everything possible to achieve a happy customer and even offer a Money Back guarantee. The good thing now you can report buyers stupid non constructive feedback to ebay for them to review the issue and remove the poor feedback.

A previous neutral feedback on my skippy fish Scented Lures “These were supposed to be scented, did not anticipate aniseed” now explain that one to me !!! and he left it three times to all the skippy fish he purchased. As I replied to to his feedback “They are scented so what’s the problem. Best to ask if not sure before ordering” not really rocket science is it. Here endeth my Easter Rant




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