Eco Lures Coming Soon Update


Here is a sneak preview of the full range of lure bodies and various sizes plus colours that will be available. The pale blue is a testing colour and won’t actually be part of the range, the smaller lures and the crawfish at the bottom of the image are examples of the chosen colours.

As well as solid colours with added glitters there will be the top catching two colour versions of Pearl white and Blue, Rhubarb and Custard or red and yellow combination, Black and Red Firetails, Black and Yellow Tails, Black and Orange Firetails and the very popular Bubblegum Pink.

All these colour combinations and the solid colours I have chosen have been the most consistant colours to take Pollock, Bass, Cod and Coalfish over many years. The jigheads that will be offered with the lure bodies will also be available in a variety of weights and hook combinations so permutate all the options and you will be able to arrive at solutions that will seek out top catches.

More images are on the way showing each design in more detail but take a look at these to wet your appetite:






To add to this post here are the current range of jig heads in designs and variety of hook sizes suitable to all the lure bodies we will be launching very soon. Hooks used are the popular and well proven catch rates is the lazer sharp Eagle Claw 635 duratin coated sea hooks. I have used these for many years and they’re mid range construction suit a variety of fishing from inshore to offshore wreck and reef angling, as you will see there are designs to suit lures from micro lures right through to large fat tailed worms.

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