Expensive boat rods do they catch more fish ???

Two boat rods and two different costs but which one has caught more fish and hasn’t broken yet ?? The question is do expensive boat rods catch more fish, last longer, look better etc.etc. against an equally good looking high workmanship but low cost boat rod.

I put these two rods into my arsenal end of 2011 and fish with both last year and a couple of times so far this year and guess what yes the more expensive rod has caught fish nice Pollock and Cod but the cheapo X fibre Mako 12lb and 20lb class rods have done the business as far as quality fish, a 19lb+ Turbot, 19lb+ Pollock and plenty of Cod to over 20lb so the fish aren’t choosy on what rod they get caught by are they.

I have used the 20lb class Mako for wrecking and the 12lb for plaice/turbot fishing and I like it for virtue of the fact you can use them and at les than £25 quid you don’t worry about breaking it and so far they have taken the strain no problem. The Akita rods are just as nice to use in being very light and full of all the action you could want to feel good fish.

The point I am making cheap rods can perform just as well as the more expensive and still make fishing enjoyable and without worry too. As I get to sample and test all the rods I sell and go out of my way to try and break them so far apart from my own clumsy handling and managing to try and wind a swivel through a tip ring that is all I have managed so far.

I may be talking myself out of some extra profits and what I will say if you want to look the part buy the Akita if you’re on a budget buy the Mako or one of my other low cost rods, even the Akita at just under £70 quid it’s not a bank account buster is it.


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