Fishing with live Sandeels Onboard charter boat Peace and Plenty III out of Weymouth

When I’m filming on the boats it allows me to standback and see how others fish and it amazes me at times say no more !! However watching anglers use live sandeels I’ve seen them hooked through their backs, tails, eyes what good is that they can’t see were they’re going after that !!! and probably the worst is through both lips which effectively stops the eel from breathing so will die quickly and the angler would have done just as well with a frozen eel. The aim is to keep the eel alive and kicking as long as possible so being more attractive for a take. This short video will show how the Pro Bassmen do it and there are examples of a couple of rigs which are the most popular. Peace and Plenty skipper Jamie Pullin shows you how to hook up the eels in the most effective way without killing it off.

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