Flutter / slow jigs new section on Seabooms.com

Flutter/slow jig section in my online store is now up and running, the pattern jig I have opted for is a well tried and tested style used by USA jig anglers for a variety of species. Weights from 5oz/142g – 9oz/255g with smaller weights down to 2oz will be added shortly but these current weights will suit a good variety of tide/drift speeds when fished using the ultra thin diameter braids like Power Pro, Nanofil etc. Colours chosen are based on soft lures that regularly take fish on the wrecks and reefs in the UK and are easily repaired with ordinary fast drying paints. Jigs are made in lead so you can use them as is flat or you can change the shape and put a S curl into the body for a totally different action on the rise and the drop. System is one of choose the jig and then choose the assist hook setup that suits your angling requirements, you have a choice of circle, octopus, Sakuma manta extra’s or treble hooks all top quality hung on either stainless steel shafts or the traditional cord. Assist hooks are complete with heavy duty split rings, carbon steel seamless rings on the cords and Sakuma 1/0 or 2/0 swivels so all you have to do is hang the chosen jig on and go fishing. The range of teasers is also live so there is another option to consider to increase your catch rates. Good basic range to kick this section off and it will grow as I add more choices, enjoyed some good sport over the summer using pirks and jigs taking some nice Cod and Pollock and with lighter rods, reels and ultra thin braids being put together for future wreck and reef drifting trips along with soft lures should make for interesting days out on the boats and hopefully some good catches. View the section here


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