Halibut fishing off the Lofoten Islands Norway with Sportquest Holidays

Bashing the Buts with a fat tail bighead, this lure was designed just to see how it would work with catching Halibut and it worked well. Here are the observations from Paul Stevens at Sportquest Holidays.

“Now to the Fat Tail Bigheads, these worked very well for the Halibut and boy did they swallow them? I was a little concerned that after one Halibut caught the tail would be gone, however I personally had 4 Halibut on one shad then sadly I had to retire it as the teeth on the Halibut and the huge runs they make soon had the body looking a bit tired. The action of these lures in the water looked irresistible the tail moved and created lots of water movement. The same comment for these shads as the Cod Bombers, extra eye and slightly bigger eyes will be a great asset”

Obviously with the size and strength of Halibut the lure design and parts were beefed up to cope with fighting these fish and these images show the lures worked well, hooks used were 10/0 Eagleclaw 545M big game hooks and the eyes strong stainless steel with extra reinforcement when cast into the heads. The bodies are moulded using new Superflex Tough to cope with the sharp teeth of the Buts. Some catch images of the many fish taken off the Lofoten Islands Norway.

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