Heavy duty lures for fishing in Norway and Iceland

Image to answer the question raised on how the eyes and hooks are secured into the jigheads and lure bodies to handle the hard fighting fish caught in Norway Iceland and the UK if you get lucky ! The main eye is a long reach stainless steel loop with ends finished as shown and then wired to create a closure that the lead when pured locks it into place solid. The hook eye a pin is inserted at right angles to the shank prevent forward pull out and twist. The lure body Silicone when poured fills into the loose wound wire around the shank which is secured in place using a heavy duty high viscosity superglue. This wire may look a bit agricultural but it’s wound like that to get maximum silicone rubber penetration and it’s well tried and tested as it’s been used in all my lures since day one. Now the magnetic blocks have been sourced with a choice of two pull and hold rates they will be secured into the lure bodies at the time the moulds are filled, the pins are again secured with high viscosity superglue and the magnetice pull also assists holding the pins into the silicone rubber. The magnets selected will hold 6/0 and 10/0 trebles, or alternatively single stinger hooks to 14/0 weights and are coated to reduce rusting from salt water. As these lures are custom made to order the angler has a variety of options to set the lure up in weights, colours and hook arrangements to suit their angling requirements. Image shows the Cod bombers and the same principles are applied to all the range offered for my lures.


Lures for fishing in Norway and Iceland

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