How crazy is this ???

Just had an email from a customer who wants to come and collect an order ” TO SAVE THE SHIPPING COSTS “ I asked him were he was coming from and was it just to collect an order, but please note I am mail order only BTW.

He said he was about three quarters of an hour away and yes it would be just to collect the order ” TO SAVE THE SHIPPING COSTS ” of course. Now the shipping incl packaging would be £3.65 sent 1st class mail Signed for so leave Monday arrive at his Tuesday.

Best of it is he can’t go fishing for two weeks due to weather and work, now estimating he drives an average mileage car and with current fuel costs plus the return journey at best I worked out his fuel costs alone would be 1 gallon/5ltrs each way about £14.00 plus you also have to add car costs, insurance, tax, wear and tear OH and his time of course !!!

BUT !! he will be saving £3.65 to get a good deal …. CLOWN … d:o) Moral of this tale is stop winging about shipping costs unless you can walk to your tackle store and they have what you want too.

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