Jigheads two new patterns added to the store

Jigheads for soft lure bodies and fish baitsJigheads for soft lures and natural baitsTwo new jighead patterns with a large range of weights and hook sizes all featuring the Eagleclaw range.

The Sardine heads larger sizes offer a choice of the large 3D eyes colour so just mail us with your choice when ordering.

If no mail received then they will ship with our choice of eyes. Two styles of hooks, the 635 EC hooks with the seaguard coating which are suitable for all types of fishing including wreck / reef drifting.

The EC 570 light wire needlepoint hooks for more sport fishing. The littlefishy range have all EC 635 hooks and a good variation in weights and hook sizes from 7/0 down to 1/0.

3D eyes are strongly bonded in and they don’t just rely on the sticky backs that the eyes come with, but if they do part company we have plenty of replacements.

So pop along to the store for more details and make your purchases I am going to be adding some more eco silicone bodies to suit the larger jigheads and will post on those when ready.


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