Jigs and Jigging for Cod, Pollack and Bass


Product Description: The Big head jigs available in three weights 8oz, 10oz and 14 oz with a choice of two colours Roo Barb or Green & Silver and either a gold muppet tail or a curly tail worm. Muppets have a 6/0 strong treble and the worm has a 6/0 Aberdeen wire hook. The lure trace is 45lb superstrong ultra abrasive resistant mono approx 2 metres with a 1/0 interlocking snap swivel for the bighead connection and the other end terminates with the double surgeons loop. We also supply free of charge a lumi tube and connector sleeve for you to try out with the lure.

The advantages of fishing with the big head when drifting the wrecks or reefs for Cod, Pollock, Bass and ling is all you need in the way of kit is what you see here, simply attach the Bighead trace to your main line/leader and you’re fishing. You can use either a muppet with the Big head or choose the worm version. It’s quick, cheap and very effective plus reduces the tangles too and snap offs through snagging the wreck or reefs.

Bespoke lure tying options, if you want to mail us with your length of trace or different breaking strain mono, in most cases no extra costs we will tie the trace up to your specifications please allow a couple of days extra for shipping.

Images Gallery: Click on thumb to enlarge, when enlarged click on image to go to next one, use the arrow links to go back to previous images, Click away to close or use Esc key. Please note the Big Head multi options kit shown on the video is currently out of stock if you wish to order this Mail Us we can let you know when it will be bck on line.


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