Lofoten Islands Norway xtreme lure testing with Sportquest Holidays

Cracking results with a range of test lures here is the report and images from Sportquests top guide on Paul Stevens.

Recently I have hosted a trip to Norway where I was testing some of Seabooms new lures designed for Norway and to put them through the toughest conditions that they may come across.The lures that I was given to test were the Cod Bombers, Floppy ass Shads, Turbo Supercharger Eel with bigheads, Codding Bigheads and the Fat Tail Bigheads.

The Cod Bombers were my first shad of choice for the Cod. The design of these lures are great with all the weight in the head making the lures reach the fish in no time plus the action of this lure drove the Cod mental. We had Cod to 42lb’s on these lures and most were hooked on the single hook, which held up very well. The amount of Cod caught on this shad was unbelievable and the durability of the body stood up to everything we threw at it. The only comment I would make on the design of the lure is to make the eye at the top a bit bigger to take large split rings and also maybe an extra eye at the bottom if people want to add a stinger. I found that the eye at the top was to small to have 2 split rings attached

The floppy Arse Shads and Turbo Supercharger Eel with big heads worked a treat for the Coalfish as they prefer a slightly slimmer shad than the Cod. We found the single hooks to be great quality and with stood lots of action from the Coalies. These fish pull the hardest in Norway and when catching them to 38lb’s you want your lures to with stand some punishment. Thankfully these lures never let us down and all the colours seem to work however I had more success on the white one

Now to the Fat Tail Bigheads, these worked very well for the Halibut and boy did they swallow them? I was a little concerned that after one Halibut caught the tail would be gone, however I personally had 4 Halibut on one shad then sadly I had to retire it as the teeth on the Halibut and the huge runs they make soon had the body looking a bit tired. The action of these lures in the water looked irresistible the tail moved and created lots of water movement. The same comment for these shads as the Cod Bombers, extra eye and slightly bigger eyes will be a great asset.

All in all I was very impressed with the products and I will be taking lots more with me on each trip, they lived up to every expectation and produced the goods.

Thanks Allan and will be in contact soon as I am off again in 5 weeks

All the best
Paul Stevens

Sportquest Holidays Head Norway Guide

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