Multiplier reels for light boat fishing out on the Weymouth wrecks

More reels to test out and will be used for wrecking tomorrow fished on my light rods. 3 reels, two a matched pair left and right hand and one that is available right hand only. I stripped them down to view quality of construction and parts used and both are what would be expected for price and all metal construction with one nylon cog for the rachet on the matched pair. Good speed 5:2:1 with 6+1 bearings and capacity for low diameter braid is ample for 60+m depths. Operation is smooth and quiet with good line lay, star drag around 9lbs again for B.S. braid used plenty powerful enough. Freespool control and breaking to be honest I don’t use that as the reels are for boat fishing so it just has to spool on the drop thumb controlled and that is about as basic the reels need to be. Suppliers offer good support so all looking good just now have to go out and see if I can break them !

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