Nordic pirks for wreck and reef fishing

Prices shown are per item supplied ready to fish out of the bag. If you wish to order more than one item contact us for more favourable combined shipping rates. Please double check your shopping cart before checking out to PayPal

Norwegian style pirk 13oz Green and White with 4/0 treble £2.65p shipping £2.36p


Product Description: Hand made and painted pirks. Pirks are supplied as standard with a 4/0 treble and metallic green back with white belly. There are options on colours and size of trebles see the Bespoke pirk option. The wires used in the manufacture are one piece stainless steel not just top and tail tags that could pull out at the wrong time, eyes are moulded in not stuck on. Acrillic lacquers used for durability, a well made pirk used regularly by us and they do catch fish, look at the options pack and you will see you can setup your pirks to fish in a number of different ways.

Bespoke Pirk Options: Colours the standard pirk is supplied metallic green top and white belly, if you want any of these other colour options please mail us BEFORE PLACING the order. Red & Silver, Red & Yellow, there is no extra costs for the colour options.

Treble hooks: The standard hooks are 4/0 you can have sizes 6/0, 8/0, 10/0 fitted at extra cost of £0.48p per pirk. We can also add a stinger hook usually of the O’Shaugnessy pattern using a stainless steel oval split ring, cost is 6/0 £0.40p, 8/0 £0.55p other sizes on request and costs will be tendered at the time please mail us BEFORE PLACING the order.

Options Pack for all pirks

Options pack for pirks £2.38p shipping £1.36p

Wobble tail 4/0 treble with red tails as standard other colours available on request
Muppet choice of 6″ Gold, Silver, Lumiglow
Lumi Tubes x 3 with sleeves
4/0 treble with lumi tube attached
45lb trace 2 metres with 1/0 interlock swivel

Options pack: You have a choice please mail us BEFORE PLACING the order, choices are Gold, Silver or Lumiglow muppet, Wobble tails choice of Yellow, Black or Blue, Treble sizes 6/0, 8/0, 10/0 plus £0.48p and you can specify what strength trace mono you would like and the length up to 3 metres at no extra cost.

Images Gallery: The images are taken from the promo video which will be on line soon. Click on thumb to enlarge, when enlarged click on image to go to next one, use the arrow links to go back to previous images, Click away to close or use Esc key.

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