Plaice fishing off Weymouth and Portland 2013

Weather isn’t improving much and with many skippers not being able to put to sea with the storms and the after effects of sea in tirmoil I haven’t been afloat since my last post so not much to report back on. I have however during the wet and windy nights managed to edit some footage from last year and update my video page in the store.

Here is what was a very memorable year for Plaice fishing was like in 2013, some clips out testing off Portland Plaice grounds and the plaice rigs and booms developed over the year. Some clips were shot as early as February and then during the year. All the Plaice footage shot will go together and form a longer video in due course.

There is a good sequence on baiting up a beaded rig with sand worm or rag as it’s also known as and tipping it with king prawn (uncooked) or you can also use squid strips to tip it off. Anyways enjoy some memorable days and see the new rigs currently available in my store.


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