Pollock fishing on the wrecks out of Weymouth

I didn’t make a post about going wrecking for Pollock as the last couple they were cancelled due to the weather reports. So Saturday 11th February 2012 was arranged part day for filming and the rest for fishing, and we had a trip on.

The filming is a follow on for the charter boat Katie Ann out of Weymouth as there was some more footage required about the boat plus some footage showing what the wrecks have to offer out of Weymouth. Still a bit early in the year for the wrecks to produce good catches both Pollock and Cod so it was more sail and see what happens.

Weather forecast was great but very cold but with all the crew well wrapped up in flotation suits including me the cold didn’t matter at all. We set out prompt at 07-30 with crew of 8 all new faces apart from Drew who I have fished with a few times now as he enjoys fishing aboard Katie Ann with Paul Davies and is dedicated to his boat angling.

Steaming to the first wreck to try took approx 90mins as we were under way against the tide and despite the Katie Ann being a fast boat it still took time to arrive. On the first wreck and I handed out a range of Red Gills, Eddystones, Portland Eels and worms for the crew to test out as I wanted catch footage for the store.

First drop and a good sized pollock snatched a Hot custard Eddystone Rage eel and on the first few drifts everyone was into fish on all the free samplers so they were loving that and I was getting some great footage. Nothing better than to get your products up on video doing what they should be doing.

The drifts produced plenty of fish with some over 14lbs plus one of the crew became the Pouting king as they appeared to like his kit. Once the tide slackened they went off the boil and for the next few hours only the occasional fish came on board and apart from lazy snatches nothing much doing.

I put the camera away as I had enough footage for what I needed and it was time to hit the fish that had disappeared by the time I was setup ready to fish. After a few more drifts Paul decided to move to another wreck about 10 mins steaming time and see what that would yield plus the tide had changed and was picking up speed so it gave us a chance.

Very snaggy wreck the next one and we all lost loads of gear getting the feel of it, oh and no takes either so that was becoming a non productive expensive move. We didn’t stay too long on that one and as time was moving on we tried one more but alas I was fishless and with the others not pulling either it was time to make way to home.

Good day with weather cold but kind and sea state was moderate but comfortable and with all of us going home with fish they felt sorry for me and donated fish for my freezer so a really good day with great crew and some quality video to be published soon. Good start to the year and looking forward to arranging the next trip later this month.

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