Portland Plaice rigs didn’t they do well !

Well what a year for Plaice and my Portland Plaice rigs have well and truly been put to the test with some good sized fish being taken and they still are. Late start to the season with the storms earlier in the year but as it kicked off and the big boys made a show 4-6lb fish were pretty average. Was there a clear leader in the style of rigs that worked best answer is No ! the steel booms worked in faster tides and the bead strings worked in the slower ones and no particular colour combo proved to outfish others so the Black Green Lumi combo isn’t the be all and end all of rig colours always worth trying others when the Plaice are lazy feeders. My offset two hook rig proved more effective than the straight ones simply for the reason that they’re stiffer as the legs are shorter and beads and discs can float along the leg better than tight packed straight booms so I plan to phase the straight ones out next year. I have a new rig yet to be tried out on a hopping method style of slack water fishing for Plaice so watch this space, some images from this years catches mine and customers.

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