Sea fishing rods and reels the FishZone Range

Delivery now updated so have supplies in stock just waiting for the Mako Boat rods to arrive early February to complete this range. We start shooting the images and sales information movies this week and with a wrecking trip up on the calendar for this Sunday although saying that the weather forecast doesn’t look too hot at the momentt so it may not happen.

If the trip does go ahead I will be taking one of the new Spyder Marine high speed reels the LW20 out to beast it and see if I can break it. The reel is a 20lb – 30lb class and I will load it with 49lb Dyneema and Polyester braid so the combination should be ideal for wrecking especially for pirking with our own pirks.

The travel rods are going to be popular and even if you’re not jetting off to the sun to keep one of these, plus a fixed spool reel or multiplier and a small box of lures / terminal tackle in the back of your car for a quick dangle when your near to the coast they will be ideal.

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