Skerry Belle boat fishing off Ramsgate in Kent

A days boat fishing for me is a long day due to the travel times I have from my home location with most ports 2-3hours drive. When visiting a new port I haven’t fished before there is a number of details I like to know about for example, 1: parking is there parking near to the boat at a sensible price or does the skipper have permits, 2: Is there a cafe/pub to get an early breakfast, 3: Is there a tackle/bait store local, 4: Any public toilets just in case a no.2 is required before setting sail, 5: Pub or chippy for a fish supper when you get back to port. If the angler lives local most of this info isn’t needed but for me it is. I try to get this info from the skipper I’m booked out with and if post codes are available then it’s easy to pinpoint locations via Google Earth so you have an idea where your going and obviously were the boat is moored plus your Sat Nav should get you there easily too. The movie footage I’m editing for my recent first trip out with Roger Lennon at Ramsgate Kent On the Skerry Belle Charter Boat details will be shown on the finished movie so any anglers considering fishing with Roger will see the amenities available, I did something similar for Weymouth and anglers have found it useful, here is the Google Earth view of the Marina that will feature on the movie when finished.

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