Skjervoy Fishing Camp Norway on the Cod and Halibut

The HD video of our Norway trip is now live on my Youtube Channel. What I want to point out the three of us who went Sean Spicer and Roger Winnett were complete strangers brought together by our fishing interests and social media. I had fished once with Sean wrecking out of Weymouth and that was it and hadn’t met Roger until the day we flew out of the UK. The trio worked and was a complete success and by working as a team we achieved some good results as the video will show. Wind noise over the mic on the days it was bad and was cold well you will soon see what fishing in Norway in March can be like and on the days it was good it was fishing heaven. I’ve filmed and edited the video to give our experience and for anyone who hasn’t fished out of Skjervoy what to expect and the final scenes show the harbour, the Co-Op, tackle store and the fuel landing for the boat just insert your credit card and fill the boat up, Oh and of course when you find the fish just how good it can be…. Enjoy we did aptly titled Our First Time !!

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