Softbaits for bassing

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Time to make a decision list of what I want to take with me Friday to use if we can’t get fresh live sandeels or joey mackerel, First choice are the Killies┬áthese come in two colours and resemble the sand eel well plus the tail action is very realisitic especeialy on the up jig and a quick drop gives that injured eel feel Killie Colours, plus they usually do the trick if other lures fall flat. Another advantage of all our softbaits they are all pre-hooked which make it easy to quick rig them especially with our Lumi Traces.

Next choice will be our Latex Eels also pre-hooked with fine wire hooks and I have used these before with success so they’re in the bag. Assorted sizes and colours of Shads ready to fish out of the bag with a lumi tube on the trace. I like these in fast tides as they’re un-weighted so perfom well on a drift when worked on the 20 up and down method, especially on a fast drop, had more bass on the drop than the up wind.

Raging rattling shads sound crazy don’t they and they are I┬ájust love these and they perform well as an alternative to the eels or killies. Side vibes, vibrating heads and they get a real wiggle on too, sounds like a sex toy doesn’t it and they are to fish, had some great cod and pollack catches on these so see how they perform with the bass. Again will be using a Lumi Trace good thing you can pull the lumi tube out of the trace quickly so try both options. That will do for starters so roll on Friday.


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