Squid baits it’s all in the presentation

It’s all in the presentation !! Top tip past onto me yesterday On the Skerry Belle Charter Boat was how they present a squid bait on a Pennel rig when uptiding. See the image the squid has the head removed from just inside the pouch area and the quill is pulled out plus remove the mottled skin so the white body is more visible. Take your filleting knife and make cuts to the pouch opening to form ribbons about 4/6mm wide and around 40mm long so it forms a frilly skirt that flaps in the tide. Take the lower pennel hook in this case a 6/0 Aberdeen and stich it through the squid body from the end of the body down to start of ribbons and make sure the point isn’t shrouded with any skin. Top pennel hook slide down and twizzle with the mono trace and hook through the end of the body and finally attach the head with eyes onto the top hook. Fish will attack the head and tentacles first so you have two hooks ready to do the business and it works ! this fine Smoothy around 3lb went for it within a few minutes and it was photographed and returned safely to grow bigger. Other tip when uptiding change baits often about every 10 minutes so good scent trails add to the attraction, although I’m still a novice at uptiding now I can go on and teach others …. PMSL !

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