A New Take On Your Lure Fishing Take It To A New Level

After much research and testing I have settled on a really sticky fish rub for our existing and new Eco friendly lures. Lures that look good in action and tempt a take I have always felt can be improved on if they also could taste good and send out an attractive scent trail.

Early tests with a variety of options proved not that successful as most rubs simply flowed off the lure before it got down to the required level to attract a take. The predatory rubs have been selected for the very reason they have a really sticky consistency similar to honey and leech off the lures slowly so are much longer lasting.

Simply apply the rub from head to tail and replenish ready for each drift and your catch rate should be far higher ! well that is the theory behind all this. There is also an added bonus for this rub it can be used on deadbaits such as frozen squid or mackerel and worm or sandeel deadbaits etc so they can be pepped up too.

Supplied in 250ml flip top bottles easy to keep in your jacket pocket so all your lures can enjoy a quick glug. I also took into account what the ingredients were that the rub was made from and these predator rubs are a biodegradable concoction of food grade liquids and fish essence’s containing Omega 3 so feeding the fish if nothing else they will remain healthy.


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