The Eddystone Range of artificial sand eels

The Eddystone range that we have selected to feature, test and offer for sale are now ready to come on line here at the blog. Much has been written about this popular artificial range of sand eels and many have fished with them and they are killers for a whole range of fish species plus they have many awards and competitions. I have used them often over the years and they have accounted for many Bass, Cod and Pollock catches so I am more than happy to recommend and sell them.

We now have our own range of ready to fish out of the bag products and these will slowly come on line as the shopping cart grows. Basically I have always gone fishing with all my rigs that I am planning to fish with ready to use out of the bag. So a bassing trip I will tie up a range of eels usually with approx 2.5m traces that terminate in the double surgeons loop for easy and quick rigging. The eels are then individually wrapped in a resealable waterproof bag so I can put a handful of eels in one pocket, Portland rigs ready made in another and I have a small box of swivels in another pocket and a bucket of weights by my feet.

Sounds simple and it is and the biggest advantage I don’t lose fishing time trying to walse back to my tackle bag on a rock n rolling boat and then sort all the items I need to start and re-tie a whole new rig to replace the one just lost on a wreck or snaggy bottom on a reef. So many times have I seen anglers lose one or two drifts because they’re not rigged up quick enough.

The amount of anglers who have seen and commented on how I fish and the advantages of using ready made out of the bag tackle prompted me to consider adding a range to my tackle store and here they are about to all be launched using our onboard shopping cart and PayPal for safe secure on line transactions. So to kick off here are the Eddystone Eels range.

Be patient if the shopping cart updates are not all here yet they are in progress !!

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