The new range of Eddystone Eels and Red Gills

Haven’t had much time to post here as the new range of Eddystone eels, Red gills and Portland eels are now all here and the photo/video work is in progress. We are going to be launching a full range of ready to fish out of the bag solutions to those overcrowded tackle boxes, bulky blister packets of softbaits and rigs that will get you fishing in minutes.

Biggest reason for this is for our own fishing buddies they have kept onto me for some time to come up with a solution to filling a tackle baox with bulk amounts of tackle that in many cases detoriate before use and ends up being ditched or replaced prematurely with guesss what ?? more bulk buys.

So I looked at how I like to fish and that is carry just what I need for that days fishing and a little in reserve if there is a change of plan during the day out on the boat. So watch this space filming is nearly completed and once edited you will see what I have come up with.

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