Travel rods for sea boat and lure fishing

We are well under ways getting all the photo and video work completed for our visual Marketing of the new Fishzone range of rods and good they are looking too. I have just bought for myself the full set of Akita Japanese boat rods. Class ranging from 8-12lbs, 12-20lbs, 20-30lbs and 30-50lbs is the only one I haven’t got just yet but it will be here before the wrecking season gets going and regular trips aren’t cancelled.

I digressed there as this post is about the new travel rods, when I first took one out of the case and started to assemble it I noticed the spigots wouldn’t allow the section to slide all the way along it. I was nearly tempted to get some wet and dry and ease it so they closed up but then I thought best speak to the company boss who imports them.

Good job I didn’t get the wet and dry out as the rods are finished that way for the very simple reason it allows the joints that are continually being made to bed themselves in over a period of time. Now if I had eased them then the obvious will happen and even I didn’t think about it at the time, if they fitted perfectly from new then a few years down the road they will have become very loose and allow sections to twist so some clever forward planning has already allowed for this, “Clever These Japs Eh !!”

Here are a couple of images showing you what I am talking about:

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