Turbo Fish soft lure for Pollock, Cod and Bass fishing

Turbo Fish is now in my store after some really good results on the last three outings of sea trials they’re ready to roll. Two sizes, two colour ranges, three weights of Turbo heads and all sporting the Eagleclaw 570HBP black platinum hooks 4/0 – 9/0. Standard X2 Mk2 tough silicone rubber is used throughout the range which is ideal as a GP lure and the small blue ice lure which has taken most fish is now ready for it’s third outing so well durable. If you want a supersoft body that can be ordered but bear in mind like most soft body lures you sacrifice durability for flexibility. GITD/UV colour range available you can zap them up with UV torches or allow them to daylight charge just get them out of your lure box into daylight for 30mins before use and they will glow for up to 8hrs. I’ve had lots of requests for supplying just bodies for the DIY’ers who make their own jigheads and they’re available too from a £1.00 each or better deals on bulk bags. You can buy just one to try or you can buy a Gross !! see them here on my lures page: http://seabooms.com/lures/lures+jigs.html

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